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Rugs from the Fars Region


One group of medallion carpets towers above all other products from the Fars region: a scaled down version of the Safavid medallion-pendant style,woven on white,yellow and blue grounds, and transposed onto a leafy and generously proportioned Herati field.Narrow borders on blue and red are employed,but the most handsome type use a Herati,or “turtle” border.The medallion form itself has been composed by extending split-leaf rinceaus from a central star.Such arabesque medallions previously saw use in the Large and Small Medallion Ushak and Cairene carpets,but always in a four-panel variant.The idea is also toyed with in the Bijar area,where the split-leaf ran wild in a group of arabesque carpets(the”Garrus” group)New here is the division into eight segments,a carry-over from the Persian Medallion group(1).Although rare,such arabesque medallions are known from the classical period in Iran,as a  carpet once in the Deering Collection shows.A yellow ground Vase carpet in the Burrell Collection with a medallion constructed from pure arabesques is also instructive(2).However,the closest predecessors known are a group of medallion carpets from Khorasan(2a),one of which may be the actual progenitor.These examples are related to a larger group with allover Herati design(2b).Clockwise:Sold by Edelmann Galleries,15 and 19 April 1980,lot 177,for $8500.229 x 483 cms;In the V&A since 1892,purchased from Ali Ekber Karadghly,Constantinople.274 x 518 cms.Inv nr:256-1892-; Offered for $ 7,000-9,000 at Christies on 17 December 1993,lot 120(sale price unavailable)Said to be jufti knotted,open right(?)on a cotton structure.259 x 561 cms.sold at Christies 13 October 1988,lot 102,for $9,339. 215 x 429.See Hali 43-92.




Arabesque Medallion:White ground,red border.

3)First published by David Black in “Woven Gardens”,1979,plate 6.      cms.Also Thompson,Carpet Magic 1983,page 93.Sold at Sothebys on December 1 1984 for $17,600.171 x 218 cms.


4)Achdjian et Fils,Paris,advertisement Hali 3-2-1980,page 83.150 x 240 cms.


5)Sold at Rippon-Boswell on 15 May 1993,lot 132,for $31,100;and again at Sothebys London on 3 November 2015,Lot 66,for $18,750.164 x 267 cms.See Hali 70-142.


6)At the Austrian Auction Company on 18 May 2019,lot 22.Sold for € 5,250.


Arabesque Medallion.White ground,black border.

7)At Lefevre,London,26 May 1978,lot 30.Sold for GBP 9,000.198 x 358 cms.See Hali 1-2-193,and 116-97.


8)Auctioned at Sothebys New York on 24 September 1991,lot 96,for $14,850.180 x 345 cms.All wool structure.Signed Hosseinali,and dated 1854.See Hali 60-152.


9)Fine Arts Museum,San Francisco,H.McCoy Jones Collection.Signed”The rug of Huseyn Qoli Khan,son of Jani Khan”All wool structure. 196 x 279 cms.


10)Bought in for 11,000 GBP at Sothebys London on 15 October 1997.This may be the piece illustrated by Jenny Housego in “Tribal Rugs”page 68.Advertised by Alex Zadah in Ghereh 16,Summer 1998,page 30.155 x 270 cms.See Hali 96,136-137.


11)At Sothebys New York on 1 October 2015,lot 91.Sale price $15,000.Silk and wool wefts.203 x 305 cms.


12)With E.Herrmann in Munich,published in “Von Lotto bis Tekke” 1978,plate 64.Also published in Opie,Tribal Rugs 6.5.A geometric interpretation positions this piece between the main group and a second,more rustic one,its descendents(13)Interestingly the Herrmann carpet shows pendants with the classic Qashgai emblem,whereas the main group employs a half-palmette form with two extensions only,as can be seen on a carpet with Bausback(14) in 1980(and later at Christies on 18 April 1985,lot 42)




15)Unsold at Rippon Boswell on 20 May 1995,lot 127,against an estimate of 65,000 DM.A transitional piece with a Herati border morphing into the standard Khamseh-style vine-rosette-boteh border(16)165 x 386 cms.



17)A scaled-down version,now in the National Museum of Scotland,Edinburgh.Donated by the heirs of Robert Murdoch Smith,the V&A`s scout in Iran during the late 19th century.182 x 244 cms.


Arabesque Medallion:Yellow ground.

18)At Christies London on 15 April 2010,lot 136,where it sold for
$46,200.224 x 392 cms.


19)At Christies London on 6 April 2006,lot 70.Sold for $27,455.226 x 414.


20)First appearance at Sothebys New York on April 30,1983,lot 123.Unsold at Sothebys on 13 September 1995,lot 252,against an estimate of $ 10-15,000.Re-offered at Sothebys New York on 13 December 1996,lot 327:sold for $ 5175.Published Burns,Visions of Nature,plate 83.All cotton structure.231 x 488 cms.


21)Sold at Lefevre on 27 November 1981,lot 23,for GBP 11,000.Published by Herrmann in SOT IV,plate 70.162 x 345 cms.


22)Sold at Sothebys on 27 April 2005,lot 68,for $22,920.See Hali 141-96.Silk-wefted.147 x 230 cms.


Arabesque Medallion:Blue ground.

23)Known only from its appearance at Sothebys New York on the 11 April 1981,lot 495,this handsome carpet sold for $16,000.244 x 501 cms.


24)Described by Hali in issue 52 as "a lovely example but in poor condition"this carpet nevertheless sold for $7,700 at Sothebys New York on 9 June 1990,lot 36.Cotton warp,strongly depressed,ivory woolen warps(2) 196 x 406 cms.


25)At Rippon Boswell on 15 November 1986,lot 100,where it sold for a resounding DM 52,200(DM 104,400)The author remembers it well.Published a year later by Bernheimer.The subject of an extensive report in Hali 33-79.Its Boteh field and pommegranate border have already moved away from the norm.Size 215 x 570 cms.


26)Clearly related to Plate 25 is a carpet in the Ryksmuseum,Amsterdam,but without  medallion and corner pieces.


27)First published by James Opie in his book"Tribal Rugs of Southern Persia"in 1981.Re-surfaced at the ICOC Pacific Collections show(catalogue Nr.86).Dated 1875.All woolen structure.A variant pommegranate border has been employed.223 x 410 cms.


28)Published by Nathaniel Harris in 1977 without further comment.This carpet displays a firm knowledge of Safavid medallion style,and uses the "Classic" border so frequently employed in the next group of carpets to be discussed.


Overview of complete group:  Overview

A second group of medallion carpets in smaller format has proven highly desirable over the years.These were woven on white,blue and red grounds,finely woven,often with silk wefts.The influence would seem to derive from Kirman,or even Arak,but the rugs display arabesque corners in the style of the Small Medallion Ushaks,albeit in corrupted form.The field of these carpets owes a lot to the diagonal-unlevel style of the Vase carpets.They were made chiefly with two border types:the Classic style mentioned above is a sickle-leaf ragged palmette taken over from the Isfahan red-ground florals;a second border,in the "Indian" style,derives from borders seen on Mughal prayer rugs,and also used in the copies of such pieces produced in Fars.Indeed,it is likely that the medallion and prayer rugs were produced in the same area,by the same manufacturer-such is the degree of design overlap.


29)An outstanding example from Black & Loveless,first published by Ian Bennett,and later acquired by the Kossow Collection.It was sold at Rippon Boswell on 26 March 201,lot 114, for $67,400,and again on 17 November 2018,lot 125, for $47,760.One of the rare type with an inner boteh border guard.134 x 180 cms.


30)Sold for 2,600 GBP at Lefevre on 17 June 1983,lot 49.Published Black/Loveless,Woven Gardens Plate 8.Silk wefted.116 x 165 cms.


31)Published by Herrmann in SOT VIII,plate 77.Woolen warp(depressed) and cotton and wool weft.Sale price 17,500 DM.110 x 170 cms.See Hali 32-97.


32)Auctioned at Rippon-Boswell on 20 November 2004,lot 153,for $ 15,720.  134 x 223 cms.See Hali 140-129.


33)Sold at Rippon-Boswell on 20 May 2006,lot 66,for 14,000 euro.Apparently in pristine condition.Uses both the Classic and Indian borders,as some Millefleur prayer rugs also do.130 x 185 cms.


34)Connected to the main group through their field layout and corner brackets only.The Sothebys carpet,from the Joseph Ritman Collection,sold for $16,250 on 18 October 1995,lot 81.131 x 238 cms.The second,quite similar example was passed at Christies London on 10 October 2009,lot 20,estimate $12-18,000.   Reproduced in Ghereh 30-40;later advertised by Manoyan in Hali 127(2003)130 x 234 cms.


35-37-left to right)
35)Unsold at Rippon-Boswell`s Kossow Sale of 26 March 2011,lot 99.Estimate 18,000 €.Dated 1901 and dedicated to the Qashgai Khan Esfandiyar.Silk wefts,cochineal field colour.The white palmettes in the inner field were once violet,and have presumably been bleached,which perhaps led to a non-sale.Nevertheless a remarkable piece.103 x 163 cms.
36)Unsold at Rippon-Boswell on 24 May 1997,lot 147,estimate 11,000 DM.The catalogue suggests an influence from the Ferahan Sarouk area.150 x 200 cms.
37)At Bonhams on 5 October 2010,lot 68.Sold for 660 GBP.150 x 202 cms.



38)Published Essie Sakhai,Geschichte,1991page 105.135 x 185 cms.
39)At Skinner on 15 September 2001,lot 150.Sold for $2990.127 x 182 cms.
40)Bequeathed to the V&A in 1969.All wool structure.131 x 236


 41-44) Four rugs featuring the rare inner Boteh border guard.
41) Unsold at Sothebys New York on 17 September 1992.lot 30,against an estimate of  $12,000-15,000.135 x 213 cms.
42) Published by Werner Bäumer in Weltkunst Magazine, 1 August 1982,and later by Cyrus Parham;auctioned at Rippon Boswell on 29 November 2008,lot 177 for 18,300 €.146 x 237 cms.
43) At Rippon Boswell on 13 June 2015,lot 108.Sold for 3,660 €.144 x 220 cms.
44) Unsold at the Dorotheum on 19 September 2017,lot 56, against an estimate of  $ 3,700.Woolen warp,very good condition,signed "Agdari"129 x 191 cms.


45)Sold at Rippon Boswell on 25 May 2013,lot 147,for 18,300 €.130 x 194 cms.
46)Advertisement Mardiros Madayan,Hali 55-14,1991.145 x 202 cms.


47)At Sothebys on 29 April 1981,lot 73.129 x 185 cms.
48)Sold at Christies New York on 17 December 1998,lot 70,for $5,175."The Property of a Pennsylvania Collector"137 x 213 cms.
49) Sold at Christies London on 15 April 2010,lot 140,for 4,000GBP.130 x 188 cms. 
50)Published Harrow,Private Collections,Plate 162.


BLUEGROUND with white "Indian" border.Carpets with the Indian border are serener than those with the Classic border.

51)First appearance at Christies London 24 April 1980,lot 17.Sold for 3,200 GBP;published by Herrmann in Konya bis Kokand,plate 91;then with Reinisch in Graz,Austria(Bagdad nach Stambul,plate 15);published in the ICOC catalogue,Austria,1986,plate 88;latest publication in "Gewebt und Geknüpft I-III"Austria,2008,plate 39. C. 140 x185 cms.
52)Sold at Christies London on 24 April 1997.lot 498,for 6,670 GBP.127 x 198 cms.
53)At Sothebys on 10 January 1979,lot7.119 x 168 cms.
54)Sold at Sothebys London on 27 April 2005,lot 79,for 7,800 GBP.127 x 198 cms.


BLUEGROUND,blue Indian border.

55:Offered at Sothebys on 25 April 1979,lot 159.Estimate 1,000/2,000GBP.Published 1981 in Tribal Rugs,By James Opie,page 17.142 x 202 cms.
56) Unsold at Christies on 8 October 2009,lot 18;Sold for 3,660 € at Rippon Boswell on 29 May 2010,lot 27.136 x 185 cms.
57)Unsold at Rippon Boswell against an estimate of 17,000€,on 15 November 2003,lot 27.144 x 182 cms.
58) Sold at Rippon Boswell on 30 May 1992,lot 48,for $15,900(cover illustration);and again at the same venue on 26 March 2011,lot 127,for 8,540 euro.141 x 176 cms.


59)Unsold at the Dorotheum on 27 May 2013,lot 27,against an estimate of 12-15,000 €.135 x 228 cms.
60)At Finarte on 4 November 1995.lot 68.Sold for $10,795.See Hali 85-139.134 x 198 cms.
61)Sold at Christies on 7 April 1990,lot 144,for $18,700.From the Koelz Collection,sold to "Paddle 72"(see Oriental Rug Review,10/5,1990,56)145 x 208 cms.
62)Auctioned at Sothebys New York on 4 June 1988,lot 70,for  $15,400.137 x 193 cms.



63) With Thornborough Galleries(Richard Purdon) in 1976,and re-published by Franz Sailer in 1983.Diamond medallion.150 x 200 cms.
64)Published by E.Herrmann in SOT VI,1984,plate 58.All wool structure.Boteh inner guard.Diamond medallion.Sale price 37,650 DM.131 x 204 cms.
65)At Bonhams 8 April 2008,lot 44.Sold for 1,800 GBP.141 x 222 cms.
66)Auctioned for 3,360 GBP at Christies London on 28 April 2005,lot 224.With four corner panels derived from Millefleur prayer rugs.142 x 276 cms.


Overview of whiteground medallions: Whiteground
Overview of blueground medallions-1:  Blueground Classic Border
Overview of blueground medallions-2:  Blueground-Indian Border
Overview of blueground-other borders: Blueground-other borders
Overview of redground borders: Redground borders

MEDALLION CARPETS with Pomegranate/Poppy Design.

67-68)Two examples have been recorded on a camel-coloured field.

Plate 67 was published in Hali 34,page 19,as Khamseh, ascribed to the Baharlu.It subsequently re-appeared in the 10th ICOC catalogue,A world of Carpets and Textiles,plate 54,anonymous Collection.All wool structure and symmetric knotting.112 x 168 cms.
Plate 68 went unsold against an estimate of 2,000-2,500 GBP at Christies London on 15 October 1998,lot 306.104 x 157 cms.Also seen with Craig Bale.


69-72)Blueground examples.

69)Exhibited by John Collins in 1990,and published in Oriental Rug Review 11/1,page 56.116 x172 cms.
70)With Owen Parry.
71)Published in Woven Gardens by David Black.All wool,symmetric knot.118 x 228 cms.
72) Sold at Lefevre on 7 October 1977,lot 27, for 1,800 GBP.All wool,symmetric knot.Re-published in "The Persian Carpet" by the same auction house,plate 27.112 x 198 cms.


73-76) Red Ground examples.

73)Published by James Opie in Tribal Rugs,1992,plate 11.19.Opie suggests a relationship with certain carpets from East Turkestan.160 x 323 cms.
74)Sold at Lefevre on 27 November 1981,lot 25,for 2400 GBP.Published in Eskenazi,Il Tappeto Orientale,1983,plate 222.180 x 368 cms.
75)Offered by Material Culture in 2018,and at Skinner on 27 October 2019,lot 189.Sold for $ 4,305.157 x 302 cms.
76)At Nagel on 27 May 2008,lot 3037.Sold for 1,700 euro.137 x 254 cms.


 76a-76f)Bags with Pommegranate/Poppy medallion.

76a)Published by the Celebes Storage Company in 1923.
76b)Sold at the Kossow Sale,Rippon Boswell,26 March 2011,lot 93,for 1,830 euro."Basiri" tribe.56 x 64 cms.A similar item,complete with flatwoven middle, was sold at Rippon Boswell on 28 May 2011,lot 135,for 793 euro.
76c)At Skinner on 7 December 1996,lot 16.60 x 71 cms.
76d)Published in John Collins,Persian Piled Weaving,2007,plate 8.All wool,symmetric knotting.55 x 66 cms.
76e)Unsold at Rippon Boswell on 29 November 2008,lot 87.61 x 67 cms.
76f)From the Thomas D.Cook Collection,published in A World of Carpets and Textiles,plate 49.66 x 79 cms.


THE QASHGAI EMBLEM was thus named by Siawosch Azadi.

77-79)With Boteh corner decoration.

77)With repeating whiteground Emblem.Published as Qashgai by Brian MacDonald in Tribal Rugs,2017,page 183.130 x 200 cms.
78) Unsold at Rippon Boswell on 25 May 2013,lot 215,against an estimate of 4,700 euro.130 x 202 cms.
79)Collins Gallery advertisement,Hali 119-4,2001.130 x 208 cms.


80-82)With Boteh field.

80)Sold at Nagel on 4 November 2008,lot 3203,for 800 euro.112 x 205 cms.
81)Sold at Christies on 30 April 1998,lot 64,for 2,415 GBP.130 x 246 cms.
82)Unsold at Sothebys London on 7 November 2017,lot 60,against an estimate of 4,000-6,000 GBP.114 x 178 cms.


83-84) Herati Field.

83)Collins Gallery,Hali 48,page 22.Also in John Collins,Flowers of the Desert,plate 4. All wool,asymmetric knot.122 x 233.
84)Published Bausback 1977,plate 145,as "Mekka-Schiras"All wool,asymmetric knot.137 x 215 cms.


85-89)Millefleur field design.

85)Published by James Opie,Tribal Rugs of Southern Persia,page 33.With an interesting discussion of the "Qashgai Emblem".127 x 188 cms.
86)Unsold at Sothebys on 7 November 2017,lot 70,against an estimate of 7000-10,000 GBP.130 x 236 cms.
87)Published by Cyrus Parham,1986.
89)From the ICOC catalogue Sovrani Tappeti,1999,plate 69.Silk-wefted.140 x 210 cms.


90-93)Millefleur design.

90)Sold for 300 euro at Nagel on 14 July 2009,lot 2023.128 x 195 cms.
91)Collection Anne Westlin.
92)With both Craig Bale and Noah Bolour.
93)Published by Cyrus Parham,1986.


94-96)Qashgai Emblem,Half-Palmette Form.

94)Unsold at Rippon-Boswell,Zaleski Sale,30 November 2019,lot 113,against an estimate of 8,500 euro.Red silk wefts.86 x 132 cms.
95)With Bausback in 1977,page 143.All wool,asymmetric knot.97 x 159 cms.
96)Ghereh 42,page 93.


97-99)Qashgai Emblem,Half-Palmette Form.

97)Sold at Nagel on 17 October 1992,lot 2143,for 8,500 euro;and again at the Kossow Sale,Rippon Boswell 26 May 2011,lot 33,for 4,880 euro.125 x 205 cms.
98)Published Walker,Cincinnati Collections,1977,plate 32;Herrmann,Von Ushak bis Yarkand,plate 77;unsold at Rippon Boswell on 1 December 2007,lot 74,against an estimate of 6,800 euro.Walker gives purple weft with an asymmetric knot open to the right(?)95 x 150 cms.
99)At Phillips London on 15 April 1986,lot 78,and 20(26?)October 1987,lot 82.Sold at Nagel,Stuttgart on 27 May 2003,lot 119,for $11,240.See Hali 131-121.150 x 230(or 155 x 282-Phillips)


100-102)One medallion,Others.

100)With Aaron Nejad,also at Netherhamptons on 14 May and 18 September 2019,lot 427.127 x 226 cms.
101)Published by Cyrus Parham,with Classic border and Millefleur field.
102)Published by Cyrus Parham,with 4-lotus medallion frequently seen on Sultanabad carpets.


103)Sold at Rippon Boswell on 20 May 2000,lot 183,for 1,687 euro.148 x 258 cms.
104)Published Herrmann,Von Ushak bis Yarkand,plate 76.114 x 170 cms.
105)Published in Oriental Rug Review 10/5,1990,page 10.All woolen structure, asymmetric knot open left.


106-109) Carpets with Two Emblems.

106)A so-called "Shishbolouki" carpet,unsold at Rippon Boswell on 30 November 2013,lot 101(estimate 4,800 euro)125 x 193 cms.
107)With Craig Bale.
108)Sold on 6 April 2006 at Christies London(lot 68) for 3,600 GBP.140 x 178 cms.
109)Unsold at Christies London on 29 April 2004(lot 162) against an estimate of 3,000-4,000 GBP.140 x 204 cms.


110-111)Meander Border.

110)With Christopher Legge,published Hali163-84.
111)With Memarian,Hali 171-107.


112-115)Three Emblems,Whiteground,repeating.

112)Published in "Pathways Through Paradise",2004,plate 30.137 x 226.
113)At Christies Islamic Sale on 21 October 1993,lot 491.142 x 241 cms.
114)With Richard Purdon,Hali 60-38.155 x 275 cms.
115)Sold at Nagel on 23 June 1993,lot 3132,for 2,200 euro.147 x250 cms.


116-119)Three Emblems,Whiteground,repeating.

116) Sold at Sothebys Geneva on 8 May 1981,lot 61,for 11,000 Swiss Francs.135 x 290 cms.
117) At Sothebys on 15 September 2000,lot 336.Estimate 2,000-3,000 GBP.164 x 298 cms.
118)At Sothebys on 15 October 1997,lot 32.Estimate 3,000-4,000 GBP.120 x 183 cms.
119)At Rippon Boswell on 19 November 1988,lot 56,estimate 14,000DM;Published in Burns,"Visions of Nature",plate 90.All wool,red weft,asymmetric knot.124 x 252 cms.


120-123) Three Emblem,rosette Border.

120)Plate 1 in David Black`s "Woven Gardens".All wool with red dyed wefts,asymmetric knot to the left.146 x 231 cms.
121)Published in "Rugs from Western Pennsylvania Collections",plate 27,Firth Collection.All wool,red weft,asymmetric knot.132 x 241 cms.
122)Sold at Skinner on 1 June 1991,lot 143,for $6,050.152 x 216 cms.
123)At Christies London on 12 October 1989,lot 80.Estimate 4,000-5,000 GBP.155 x 204 cms.



124)Published MacDonald,Tribal Rugs 2017,page 166.
125)At Nagel on 27 May 2003,lot 184.Estimate 2,800 euro.120 x 190 cms.
126)At Phillips London on 27 November 1990,lot 3.Estimate 2,000-4,000 GBP.140 x 238 cms.



127)An early publication:Langton 1904,page 74.
128)Unsold at Bonhams on 29 July 2003,lot 72.Estimate 1,200-1,800 GBP.149 x 246 cms.


130-134)ALLOVER REPEAT DESIGN.Dark border.

130)Sold at the Dorotheum on 27 May 2013,lot 202,for 3,500 euro.136 x 196 cms.
131)Brian MacDonald website,Nr.BM1157.
132)Sold for 4,270 euro at Rippon Boswell on 23 May 2009,lot 19.136 x 224 cms.
134)At Phillips on 9 February 1993.lot 5.Estimate 2,000-2,500 GBP.156 x 227 cms.


135-138)ALLOVER REPEAT DESIGN.Light & Red borders.

135)Published Hali 179-88.With Zollanvari.150 x 290 cms.
136)Sold for $277 at Skinner on 11.12.2019,lot1771.114 x 160 cms.
137)Unsold at Christies London against an estimate of 1,800-2,500 GBP.135 x 231 cms.
138)Herrmann,SOT VI,plate 59.Sale price 55,000 DM.All wool structure asymmetric open left.117 x 170 cms.


139-142)QASHGAI EMBLEM BAGFACES on Whiteground.

139)Published by Dennis Dodds in Hali 4-2-20,and again in Atlantic Collections 286.Collection Leigh and Sally Marsh.
140)With John Collins.Published Oriental Rug Review 10-3-16;and Hali 151-68,Blumenthal Collection.
141)Published by David Black in Woven Gardens,plate 28.Pale purple silk weft and woolen warp,asymmetric knot open left.
142)Shown at ACOR 2004;published in the accompanying catalogue.



143)With Rob van Wieringen;later shown at the Hali fair in 2019 by Alberto Levi.
144)At Sothebys on 29 April 1981,lot 81.Described as an 18th Century Wagireh.43 x 46 cms.


145-147)White and Blue Coloured Qashgai Emblem Bagfaces.

145) Sold at Sothebys London on 27 April 2005,lot 72,for 3,840 GBP;resold at the Zaleski Sale,Rippon Boswell 30 November 2019,lot 13, for 1,900 euro.
146)Published by John Collins in Persian Piled Weaving,2007,plate 15.
147)On the cover of the Celebes catalogue,circa 1923,this item re-appeared at Phillips on 18 October 1988,lot 14,where it sold for 750 GBP.



148a)Moon Shawl,Kashmir.David Collection,Copenhagen.


148)John Wertime,Hali 82-125,1995;sold at Skinner on 28 April 2019,lot 172,for  $2,091.135 x 178 cms.
149)Unsold against an estimate of DM 12,000 at Nagel on 3 November 1979,lot 152.136 x 171 cms.
150)With R.Franklin Hort,Hali 97-144.137 x 178 cms.
151)Sold for 1,600 GBP at Phillips on 24 June 1986,lot 69.124 x 180 cms.


152-155)  Moon Shawl Medallion.

152)Sold for DM 1,600 at Nagel on 14 November 1997,lot 243.134 x 174 cms.
153)With Herrmann in 1984,SOT VI plate 62.Priced at DM 12,850.130 x 172 cms.
154)In the MAK,Vienna,published in Völker 2001,plate 110.Entered the museum in 1922.Described as "Shiraz-Afshar"143 x 213 cms.
155) An unusual example in blue,published by Brian MacDonald in 2017,page 199.125 x 170 cms.



156)Shown at The Art Institute,Chicago in 1974,and published in the accompanying catalogue,plate 122.Without corner brackets;attributed to the Afshar. Collection Ralph Yohe.112 x 193 cms.
157)At Edelmann on 7 February 1981,lot 275.Estimate $2,500/3,000.193 x 259 cms.


158-160)Moon Shawl Medallion with anomalous corner solutions.

158)At Nagel on 16 May 1981,lot 229.With rooster corners.Estimate DM 2,500.146 x 211 cms.
159)At Phillips on 2 December 1986,lot 68.With rooster corners.Described by Jean Lefevre as Kashgai.140 x 216 cms.
160)Published by James Opie,1981,page 90-91.Described as Khamseh(Baharlu or Ainalu)Employs a geometricised half-palmette."It can be disappointing to discover that some tribal designs,thought to be the ancient and symbolic possession of clusters of nomads,have a much less dramatic and romantic history" Brown warp,red weft,asymmetric knot,open left.132 x 185 cms.


161-163)Moon Shawl Medallion,Striped Center.

161)Sold for 600 GBP at Lefevre on 5 July 1974,lot 60.Reminiscent of a Transylvanian/Dazgiri carpet layout.140 x 185 cms.
162)Unsold at the Sedlin Sale,Sothebys 3 March 2009,lot 40.Unusual size:157 x 323 cms.
163)Sold for 700 euro at Nagel on 17 September 2019,lot 27.134 x 167 cms.


164-166)Moon Shawl Medallion,Long Rugs.

164)Sold at Rippon Boswell on20 November 2004,lot 173,for 7,500 euro.Combination with pommegranate/poppy elements.162 x 316 cms.
165)Published by James Opie in 1981,page 93.Described as Baharlu or Ainalu.Brown warp and red weft,asymmetric knot,open left.165 x 343 cms.
166)Sold for 2,125 GBP at Sothebys London on 1 November 2016,lot 46.Rare runner format.107 x 452 cms.


166A-166G)Mughal prayer rugs.

166A-B)The Vienna carpet,since 1868 in the MAK,was purchased from the Armenian Catholic Mechitarist Church in Vienna.It was published first by Riegl in 1891,and in the Vienna Book of 1892 in colour.It is generally reckoned to be the oldest and most beautiful example of a very loosely associated group,chiefly because of its relation to the Aynard carpet.107 x 155 cms.
Closely related,but in a softer style,is a carpet which sold at Rippon Boswell on 1 December 2007,lot 133,for $670,320.See Hali 155-147.100 x 141 cms.

166A-1)A few brave souls have ventured to copy the MAK rug.One such was published by Bausback in 1975,attributed to Tabriz,although Ian Bennett and John Siudmak felt it might be from Ferahan(See Bennett,Rugs & Carpets of the World,pages 244-246) Another example of Indian origin was advertised by Joseph Lavian in Hali 118-27.


166 A-1

166B)McMullan Estate,Harvard University.Perhaps the next step in this sequence.Silk warp,cotton weft.Subsequently the flowers issue from a vase at the base of the mihrab,unlike the Vienna/RB examples.106 x 173 cms.



A much denser style occurs in the following three examples.

McMullan 30 was sold at the Benguiat Sale of 1926(to French & Co)All cotton foundation.121 x 188 cm.
The Lyons carpet was acquired in 1910 by the Musee Historique des Tissus de Lyon.Known as the Dubernard Carpet,it is the most overwrought of all.In Hali 4-3,Hanna Erdmann mentioned a twin to this carpet,exhibited in Paris in 1903,yet no such rug exists,nor was it published in the catalogue of Migeon(which contains no reproductions)117 x 187 cms.
The Vanderbilt carpet is one of two Millefleur examples at Biltmore discovered by Dennis Dodds and described in Hali 3-4-308.Their structure is noted as cotton warp and weft(the latter dyed light blue) and of course an asymmetric knot open left.122 x 178 cms.


166D)Biltmore McMullan Sothebys.

The second of the Biltmore rugs quite resembles McMullan 30,albeit with a petal border.The vases in this sequence have taken on a decidedly schematic look.127 x 198 cms.
McMullan`s 32,Now in the Chicago Art Institute was published by Arthur Pope (plate 1275) as with Mrs.Otto Khan.It shares a common border with a piece which went unsold at Sothebys on 19 September 2003,lot 84.That rug has an all cotton foundation:information concerning the Chicago rug is scarce,but it seems to be  all-cotton.Size,Chicago:127 x 193 cms;Sothebys 2003:119 x 175 cms.The meander borders and pronounced Corona in the mihrab`s apex are characteristics employed in a number of Persian copies from the 19th century,said to have originated in the Ferahan area.


166 E-19th Century Persian copies

166E)Isidore Gunst.

Published by Sarre/LaScala in 1908,and by Pope in 1939,this rug has invariably been described as "whereabouts unknown"although it has long been in the David Collection in Copenhagen(published in 1970,1990,1996 and 2006)It does not quite fit in anywhere:the vase starts at the bottom of the field without a hillock to support it.Yet it is a jolly effort.Yellow and green silk warp;blue and yellow cotton weft.120 x 166.5 cms.Formerly Isidor Gunst Collection,Vienna.



The Herrmann carpet graced the cover of SOT IX.Previously in the Douglas Collection,it was purchased by Joseph Ritman who afterwards sold it at Sothebys New York on 12 April 1996,lot 78,for $805,500.It re-surfaced at Christies London on 7 October 2014,lot 50,and was auctioned for $ 544,040.It is a very pretty rug distinguished by a mihrab design which spills over into the spandrels.On a 4- ply cotton warp with wool and blue cotton weft.119 x 163 cms.

The carpet at the 1903 Marqand Sale was presumed to be of silk,for the authors of the catalogue had made no connection to the Vienna rug which had already been published in colour in 1892.The sale catalogue entry is pretty much a paraphrase of Mumford 1902,when the Marquand rug seems to have been first published.In the first edition(1900) Mumford used a Qashgai Millefleur rug,but by 1902 he implies that the Marquand may have been the original inspiration,which with hindsight,it most certainly was.Especially the spandrel ogives have come a long way on the Marquand since the Vienna rug,and pave the way for the bat-like appendages of the Fars region pieces.The Marquand rug was later sold at the 1925 Benguiat Sale,and before reaching Kevorkian,spent some time with Walters,at whose 1941 auction it was again sold.From 1976 it was with Peter Bausback in Mannheim,and is today to be found in Doha.112 x 165 cms.

166F-left: Herrmann-Rittman;Right: Doha.

Left:Marquand/Doha;Right:Mumford 1900

167-169)MILLEFLEUR PRAYER RUGS-Medallion Form.

167)With Herrmann in Munich,1978,Von Lotto bis Tekke,plate 63,Sale price 55,000 DMAlso published in David Black,World Rugs,page 148. This appears to be the interim phase between the prayer rug and the complete medallion form.136 x 227 cms.
168)Sold at Rippon Boswell on 1 December 2007,lot 116,for 18,000 euro.The Millefleur design depicted as a medallion,which still retains two corner panels placed diagonally.123 x 188 cms.
169)From the Elveden Hall Sale,Christies 22 May 1984,lot 2038.A further remove from the prayer-rug style,still employing the corner panels and Indian petal border.The field seems inspired by the Shawl style.Purchased at Harvey Nichols,September 1894.Sold for 16,200 GBP.See Hali 6-4-447 for a full report on the Guiness sale.180 x 286 cms.



170)At Sothebys New York on 22 September 1993,lot 123.Estimate  $4,000-6,000.147 x 231 cms.
171)Sold at Nagel on 16 March 2010,lot 356,for 2,600 euro.165 x 258 cms.
172)Internet advertisement(rugrabbit)from Eduardo Marino on 21 May 2016.
173) At Sothebys Islamic Sale,Geneva 25 June 1985,lot 373.Estimate 10,000-15,000 Swiss Francs.174 x 247 cms.


174 a-d)Four Kashmir shawls in niche design showing similar design layout to the Millefleur prayer rugs.

a) Published by Grote-Hasenbalg;very likely the item sold at Christies on 21 October 2016,lot 390,for $15,300. 79 x 111 cms.
b) Sold at Christies in October 1994 for 6,000 GBP;auctioned again at Sothebys New York on 16 December 1998,lot 2017,$17,250.Published by Frank Ames in The Kashmir Shawl,plate 180.Later with Jason Nazmiyal,New York. 81 x 114 cms.
c) Published by Heinrich Jacoby,Eine Sammlung, in 1923,page 22.
d) Published by Frank Ames,The Kashmir Shawl,plate 179.

174 a-d

174-177)Millefleur Prayer Rugs,Blue Mihrab:Bird and White Petal Border.

174)Exhibited at The Columbus Museum of Art,1980,catalogue nr.51.Undyed woolen structure,asymmetric knot,open left.153 x 260 cms.
175)With Peter Pap,Hali161-26.154 x 213 cms.
176)Stockholm Auktionsverk 24-26 November 2009.See Hali 95-46.165 x 247 cms.
177)Sold at Skinner on 4 December 1988,lot 111,for $22,000.167 x 243 cms.


178-179)Millefleur Prayer Rugs,Blueground Mihrab,Bird and Petal Border.

178) Hadjer & Fils,Hali 37-25,1988.155 x 230 cms.
179) Sold for $22,000 at Sothebys New York on 3 December 1988,lot 138.Woolen warp and cotton weft.Asymmetric knot,open left.See Hali 44-84.173 x 241 cms.


180-181)Millefleur Prayer Rugs,Blueground Mihrab,Classic Border.

180) Sold for $5,000 at Sothebys New York on 15 December 1979,lot 46.Published in the Bausback catalogue of 1980,page 123.122 x 183 cms.
181) Sold for $ 11,500 at Sothebys New York on 15 December 2000,lot 104.Silk wefts,minor colour run.140 x 206 cms.


182-184)Millefleur Prayer Rugs,Blueground Mihrab,Classic Border.

182)Published by Bausback 1979,page 111.Sold at Nagel on 5 November 1983,lot 355,for 37,200 DM.156 x 252 cms.
183) At Rippon Boswell on 10 November 1990,lot 115,estimate 18,000 DM.Sold at Christies London on 9 October 2006,lot 81,for $14,585.160 x 266 cms.
184) Sold at Phillips on 8 December 1987,lot 39,for 3,000 GBP.125 x 219 cms(illustrated on catalogue cover)


185-199)Millefleur Prayer Rugs with Blueground Mihrab and Indian Petal Border.

185) Unsold at Sothebys on 19 May 1984,lot 110,against an estimate of $6,000-8,000;exhibited at the 2004 Seattle ACOR(catalogue nr. D3)Published by James Burns in Visions of Nature,plate 85.Woolen warp and silk wefts.130 x 191 cms.



186)At Christies Islamic Sale,London,on 22 October 1992,lot 347.Estimate 3,5000-5,000 GBP.163 x 241 cms.
187)At Christies London on 12 October 1989,lot 88.Estimate 5,000-7,000 GBP.152 x 256 cms.
188)Unsold at Sothebys on 19 July 1989,lot 48,against an estimate of 15,000-20,000 GBP;sold at Sothebys New York on 8 December 1990,lot 156,for $16,500;unsold at Nagel on 13 September 206 against an estimate of 12,000-14,000 euro;later advertised by Haliden.Woolen structure.150 x 234 cms.



189)Advertised by Simonian,Hali 68,1993,page 152.145 x 218 cms.
190)Exhibited by M.Pakzad in March 1984.Published in Hali 6-3-1984,page 290.158 x 225 cms. 
191) At Sothebys on 22 March 1980,lot 70.137 x 249 cms.


192-201) White Ogives in Spandrels.

192-194)Square Type.

192) Sold for $43,560 at Christies London on 15 October 1987,lot 59.See Hali 37-88.126 x 168 cms.
193) Sold for $61,710 at Christies London on 14 April 1988,lot 36.Virtually identical to the foregoing.Both pieces were said to have dry wool and harsh colour.See Hali 39-91.130 x 173 cms.
194)Sold for $30,110 at Rippon Boswell on 28 March 1992;passed against an estimate of 15,000-20,000 GBP at Christies on 9 October 2006,lot 147; sold for 10,000 GBP at Christies London on 10 April 2008,lot 63.Silk wefts.130 x 183 cms.


195-197) Indian Petal Border.

195)Purchased by  Joseph Lavian at Edelmann`s on 15 December 1979,lot 35,for $33,000.Published in Hali 2-4-62.Later at Sothebys Islamic on 15 October 1986,lot 417.Silk wefts.134 x 213 cms.
196) Sold for 1,800 euro at Nagel on 14 July 2009,lot 2179. 156 x 256 cms.
197) Sold at Rippon Boswell on 16 November 1985,lot 47,for $5,800.See Hali 29-76. 146 x 225 cms.


198-201) Indian Petal Border.

198)Advertisement,Alex Zadah,Hali 3-2-1980-14-122 x 366 cms.
199)From Cyrus Parham,1986.
200) Essie Sakhai,Geschichte des Orientteppichs,page 87.Cotton structure.157 x 244 cms.
201)Published by Jack Franses,European and Oriental Rugs,plate 75.Circa 1950. 121 x 243 cms.

198 x 201

202-204)Blueground Mihrab,Other Borders.

202) Published in Giuseppi Cohen,Il Fascino del Tappeto Orientale,plate LXXXIX. 122 x 195 cms.
203) Published Lettenmair.Das grosse Orientteppichbuch,page 311.
204)Exhibited at Lodi,Italy 15-24 September 2017.Catalogue Nr.55. 152 x 190 cms.


205-207.Red Mihrab: Opposing Vase Type.

205) Unsold against an estimate of  $12,000-15,000 at Edelmann on 12 December 1981.lot 110. 165 x 258 cms.
206) At Bonhams on 6 April 2011,lot 75.Estimate $4,100-4,900.154 x 250 cms.
207) Sold at Bonhams on 15 October 2002,lot 32,for 1,200 GBP.


208-210) Red Mihrab-Red Ogives.

208) Published by Bausback in 1977,plate 136,and again in 1978 with an interesting summary of the group as a whole(Christina Klose?) on pages 408-419.Cotton structure.180 x 254 cms.
209) Sold at Nagel on 27 January 2009,lot 3009,for 3,000 euro."Around 1920" 162 x 254 cms.
210) Sold at Nagel on 27 March 2012,lot 130,for 1,300 euro."Around 1930" 163 x 250 cms.


211-213) Red Mihrab-White Ogives.

211) Unsold at Bonhams on 15 October 2002,lot 29,against an estimate of 1,500-1,800 GBP;Unsold at Bonhams on 25 April 2012,lot 140,against an estimate of 1,600-2,000 GBP. 150 x 250 cms.
212) Published in Ford,Oriental Carpet Design, ill. 277.Bird border.219 x 303 cms.
213)Advertisement Mark Keshishian,Hali 5-4-1983-10. 142 x 208 cms.


214-215) Red Mihrab,Yellow Ground.

214) At Sothebys Islamic sale on 16 April 1986,lot 451,estimate  1,000-1,500 GBP;and again at Finarte on 3 May 1989,lot 13,estimate 6-8,000,000 lira. 161 x 234 cms.
215) Unsold at Christies on 14 April 1988,lot 30,against an estimate of 18,000-20,000 GBP. 205 x 314 cms.


216-225) White Mihrab,Classic and Petal Border.

216) Auctioned at Lefevre on 17 February 1984,lot 62,for 3,900 GBP. 129 x 248 cms.
217) Published in Nasseri,Perserteppiche 1971,plate 40.Sold at Rippon Boswell 15 November 1986,lot 72,for 22,000 DM.116 x 222 cms.


218) Cyrus Parham,1986.
219) Sold for $ 8,500 at Sothebys on 3 June 1977,lot 315.Published in Pakzad,Perzische Knüpfkunst,1978,plate 204.Woolen warp,purple silk wefts,faint colour run. 132 x 202 cms.Passed at Christies on 25 October 2007,lot 137,against an estimate of $21,000-30,000.Herr Pakzad reports meeting C.G Ellis in the Textile Museum.In conversation Ellis suggested the Vienna/Mak Indian carpet might be a late 19th century production.However, the Museum acquired it in 1868.
220) Exhibited at the Abtei-Liesborn Museum in 2011.
221) Sold for $28,600 at Sothebys NY on 13 December 2007,lot 105. 150 x 211 cms.



222) Published by Taher Sabahi,L`Arte del Tappeto,page 214. 141 x 220 cms.
223) Published in "Indigenous Elegance",a catalogue from the Tehran Carpet Museum,2001,pages 98-99,where the design is referred to as "Nazem" Inscribed with an order from a Khan(?)and dated 1921.Attributed,as so often,to the Kashkuli tribe.Woolen warp,cotton weft. 169 x 236 cms.
224) At Sothebys Islamic sale on 15 October 1986,lot 416.Advertised by Hadi Maktabi,Hali 169-6,2011. 150 x 230 cms.
225) Exhibited in Hamburg,1971.Attributed to the Hadj-Khanumi Qashgai.All-wool structure. 152 x 213 cms.


226-229) Whiteground Mihrab,Classic Border.

226) At Christies London on 18 April 1985,lot 46.Estimate 6,000-8,000 GBP.
At Sothebys on 30 May 1987,lot 104.Estimate $12,000-15,000.
Again at Christies on 13 October 1988,lot 40.Estimate 15,000-20,000 GBP.Sold for 22,000 GBP (?) Woolen warp,cotton weft. 137 x 203 cms.
227) Sold at Sothebys on 27 April 2005,lot 75, for $14,900.See Hali 142-116. 129 x 206 cms.
228) Sold at Rippon Boswell on 14 November 1987,lot 47, for 12,000 DM. 142 x 219 cms.
229)Advertisement Pars Orient Ltd. Hali 51-12,1990. 122 x 190 cms.


230-241) Whiteground Mihrab,Petal Border.

230)Published in 1987 by Bernheimer,who dated it to 1901,with an inscription reading "Order from Sar Asha in 1319".At Christies in London on 9 October 2006,lot 81,where it sold for 7,800 GBP/ $15,585(see Hali 150-132) Sold again at Christies London on 10 April 2008,lot 98,for 10,000 GBP. 137 x 291 cms.
231) Sold at Christies New York on 7 April 1990,lot 35,for $28,600.Advertised in Oriental Rug Review 10/3,1990. Signed "made to the order of Farman Farma". 127 x 185 cms.
232) With Craig Bale.
233)Published in the ACOR Seattle catalogue 2004,plate 44.Cotton warp and silk weft.184.5 x 273 cms.


234) Cyrus Parham,1986.
235)At Sothebys New York in June 1981,lot 314.Published by Bausback in 1976(205) and 1978 (409) .Re-published by Reinisch in his "Stambul" catalogue of 1983,which was reviewed in Hali 5-2-181,1982.Cotton warp and silk weft. 191 x 140 cms.
236)At Christies Islamic Sale on 21 October 1993,lot 497,estimate 18,000-25,000 GBP;unsold at Christies on 13 April 1989,lot 35,against an estimate of 20,000-25,000 GBP.150 x 221 cms.
237) Sold at Lefevre on 15 February 1980,lot 7,for 11,500 GBP.Published by Herrmann in "Konya bis Kokand" plate 90.Offered at Sothebys NY on 3 June 1989,lot 153,against an estimate of $25,000-30,000.All wool structure.Free of repair.135 x 215 cms.


238) At Sothebys on 14 February 1981.lot 264.Sold for 5,736 GBP at Christies London on 29 April 2004,lot 43.At the Austrian Auction House on 22 April 2017,lot 158:sold for 12,400 euro.Silk weft. 157 x 209 cms.
239) Sold at Christies London on 17 December 1981,lot 69,for 2,860 GBP. 157 x 266 cms.
240) At Christies on 26 November 1987,lot 33.Colour run. 135 x 208 cms.
241) At Christies on 12 February 1981,lot 24.Colour run.135 x 208 cms.


239A-241C) Yellow Mihrab with Bird Border.

239A)Sold at Nagel for 16,000 DM on 23 June 1993,lot 3133.Illustrated in Oriental Rug Review 14-1-21,and in Jourdan,Persische Teppiche plate 130. 169 x 243 cms.
240B) At Christies London on 16 October 1997,lot 68.Estimate 3,000-5,000 GBP. 166 x 244 cms.
241C) At the Dafineh Museum,Tehran.157 x 235 cms.


242-249) Yellow Mihrab,Black Ogives.

242) Unsold at Sothebys Islamic sale of 24 April 2013;sold the next year at Sothebys Islamic,9 April 2014,lot 226,for 6,250 GBP.Provenance:Addington Palace. 140 x 204 cms.
243) Published Engelhardt,Orientteppiche der Sonderklasse,page 17.Sourced in Afghanistan.Cotton warp. 148 x 230 cms.
244) Sold at Christies London on 11 June 1987,lot 45, for $ 4,928.See Hali 36-80.Sold two years later at Sothebys Islamic sale on 11 October 1989,lot 475-for $18,937.See Hali 48-92. 159 x 222 cms.
245) Unsold at Christies on 13 April 1989,lot 64;at Sothebys on 25 July 1990,lot 63. 146 x 200 cms.



246) Published by Herrmann in SOT 1,plate 63.
247) Sold at Christies on 17 December 1981,lot 69,for 2,860 GBP. 157 x 266 cms.
248) Published in Canadian Collections, Nr 49,with a text by Roger Gardiner.Further published in Oriental Rug Review 14-1-21. 163 x 239 cms.
249) Internet publication,Hadi Maktabi.


251-254) Yellow Mihrab-White Ogives.

251) Unsold at Sothebys on 30 October 1982,lot 74. 168 x 229 cms.
252) At Sothebys on 16 December 1978,lot 74.Sold at Sothebys Islamic Sale on 12 April 1989,lot 529,for 12,650 GBP. 168 x 254 cms.
253) Sold at Christies on 13 April 1989,lot 69,for 1,320 GBP. 163 x 248 cms.
254) At Sothebys New York on 16 December 1978,lot 74. 168 x 254 cms.


255-258)White Mihrab,other borders.

255) Published by Parviz Nemati in "The Splendour of Antique Rugs",plate 131. 152 x 254 cms.
256) Unsold at Christies NY on 22 June 2005,lot 17. 114 x 198 cms.
257) Internet publication, with Hadi Maktabi.
258) Internet publication,with Simon Knight.


258A) A silk rug in the James Burn Collection,published in Visions of Nature,plate 56,is clearly a variation on this theme and related to the two carpets shown in 166 E.See Hali 198-63 for an article by Daniel Shaffer on this rare group of silk carpets.


PRAYER RUGS as such are rare from the Fars region,but three outstanding examples are known.

259) With Eric Jacobsen,and later at the Material Culture sale of 23 September 2019,lot 0068.Attributed to the Baharlu.
260)Published by James Burns in Visions of Nature,plate 72.Attributed to the Baharlu.Previously at Edelman on 24 October 1981,lot 68.Published by Ronnie Newman in Hali 50-141,1990,and in the ICOC World of Carpets Catalogue,plate 56. 111 x 198 cms.
261) Published by James Burns in Visions of Nature,plate 76.Symmetric knotting.Attributed to the Baharlu.111 x 182 cms.


MOTHER AND CHILD BOTEH rugs are also known from the Afshar area,indeed some have been included here for comparison.The design is surely derived from Kashmir shawls,perhaps filtered through Khorasan carpets.One rare group features botehs in alternating rows.

262) Sold at Rippon Boswell on 26 November 2001,lot 110,for 2,684 euro. 92 x 161 cms.
263) With Roger Cavanna in 1995.Exhibition review by Murray Eiland in Oriental Rug Review 124-29.


264) Sold at Rippon Boswell on 19 May 1984,Frankfurt,lot 123A,for 5,500 DM.Published in Opie,Tribal Rugs,plate 11.20. 91 x 178 cms.
265) Sold at Rippon Boswell on 24 May 1997,lot 131,for $13,040.Advertised by Roger Cavanna in Hali March 1998,issue 97,page 35. 158 x 248 cms.
266) Advertised by Hazara Gallery,Hali 99,page 33,1998. 147 x 267 cms.
All three carpets employ a border usually associated with Senneh rugs.


267)One of a number of rugs with this design attributed to the Afshar.Unsold at Sothebys on 1 October 2015,lot 45,against an estimate of $5000-7000."From a distinguished Conneticut Collection" 145 x 216 cms.
268) Sold at Rippon Boswell`s Kossow Sale on 26 March 2011,lot 67,for 4,880 euro. 183 x 458 cms.


269-272) A group with Khorasan influence.

269) Usually attributed to Afshar,and often bearing a meander border as on the old rug from Parviz Tanavoli( plate 296) At Semenzato on 16 october 1990,lot 96;and again at Finarte on 16 November 2004,lot 124. 138 x 175 cms.
270) At Cambi on 12 December 2019,lot 23.
271) At Nagel on 4 November 2003,lot 138.Estimate 1,000 euro. 111 x 143 cms.
272) At Rippon Boswell on 10 November 1984,lot 25,estimate 750 DM.143 x 184 cms.


273) Unsold at Christies London on 9 October 2006,lot 78,against an estimate of 3,000-4,000 GBP.Described as Afshar,but with typical "Khamseh"end finishes and Senneh style border. 147 x 274 cms.
274) Unsold at Christies on 21 April 2015,lot 109,against an estimate of 5,000-7,000 GBP.The Vine-Rosette-Boteh border is an interpretation of the old Herati style. 175 x 284 cms.


275) In the V&A Museum since 1969.An interesting cut rug still full of life with an unusual border.V&A accession nr. 63-1969.Woolen warp and pink cotton weft,with some wool. 130 x 174 cms.


276) Published by Murray Eiland in 1976 and 1981,as Afshar. 162 x 373 cms.
277) Advertised by John Collins in Oriental Rug Review 10-6-1990,back cover. 127 x 190 cms.
278) Sold at the Dorotheum on 2 May 2012,lot 86,for 7,500 euro. 150 x 298 cms.
279) Advertised by J.M Sorkin in Hali 114-30,2001;unsold at Sothebys New York on 25 November 2008,lot 334,against an estimate of  $8,000-12,000. 231 x 480 cms.


280) At Rippon Boswell on 18 November 1989.lot 171,estimate 5,800 DM.Sold at Nagel on 13 September 2016,lot 145,for 1,400 euro. 195 x 138 cms.
281) Sold at Sothebys New York on 10 December 1992,lot 33,for $18,700.Catalogued as Afshar,but see Hali 67-132. 155 x 272 cms.


282) At the Gewerbemusem,Basel show in 1980.All wool structure with red wefts and symmetric knot. 111 x 225 cms.
283) Sold at Phillips on 16 October 2001,lot 17,for $ 7,505.See Hali 120-132. 104 x 186 cms.
284) Exhibited by Andy Lloyd in San Francisco,October 2018.See Hali 198-128.
285) Sold for $ 2,800 at Skinner on 2 December 1989,lot 149.See Report in ORR 10-2-64.Re-sold at Sothebys for $5,500 on 17 September 1992,lot 119. 107 x 173 cms.


286) A fragment with Andy Lloyd.
287) Illustrated by Roger Cavanna in his thorough treatment of the subject in OCTS V-1.


288) One of the few rugs to have been published in two ICOC catalogues:Pacific Collections 78,and World of Carpets 43.Michael Rothberg Collection.All wool structure,symmetric knot. 122 x 213 cms.
289) Unsold at Rippon Boswell on 23 May 2009,lot 101,against an estimate of 13,000 euro.With repeating mother and child border. 166 x 296 cms.
290) Unsold at Rippon Boswell on 14 November 1992,lot 63. Sold for 7,000 DM at Nagel on 14 November 1997,lot 245.Sold at Rippon Boswell on 19 May 2007,lot 10,for 6,200 euro. 151 x 258 cms.


291) Sold at the Austrian Auction Company(Azadi Sale) on 19 November 2016,lot 33,for 4,960 euro. 147 x 319 cms.
292) At Lefevre on 14 July 1978,lot 41.Published in Ferrier,Arts of Persia,plate 142. 160 x 338 cms.
293) At Sothebys New York on 23 November 1985,lot 19.Sold for $ 5,500. 147 x 264 cms.


294) At Rippon Boswell.
295) Published by Roger Cavanna in his article "The Pregnant Boteh Mother & Child" in OCTS V-I-117.
296) Published by Tanavoli in his Afshar book,plate 33.


THE MOTHER AND CHILD DESIGN was also used many times as a border device,even with a Mother & Child field design.

297) Sold at the Kossow Sale on 26 March 2011,lot 147,for $ 55,300.Formerly with Cyrus Parham and Eberhart Herrmann. 142 x 200 cms.
298) Burns Collection,published as Baharlu in Visions of Nature,plate 71.Attributed to Assadbagi.All wool structure,asymmetric knot. 121 x 198 cms.
299) At Phillips on 30 September 1986,lot 16.Estimate 2,000-2,500 GBP.Published by Eiland in 2009,page 124. 143 x 199 cms.


300) With Craig Bale.

301)Published by Pakzad,Persische Knüpfkunst,plate 220.Wool structure,symmetric knot.135 x 183 cms.


302-330.VERTICAL STRIPES occur in many variations,here collated by border. 

302 & 303) Published by Cyrus Parham in 1986.


304) A bird-border rug sold by Rippon Boswell in Frankfurt on 30 April 1983,lot 73,for 30,000 DM. 151 x 261 cms.
305) Sold at Christies for 4,375 GBP on 8 October 2009,lot 69. 183 x 289 cms.
306) At Christies London on 14 May 1997,lot 35.Estimate 2,500-3,500 GBP. 117 x 168 cms.


307) With Classic Border.Published by Cyrus Parham,1986.
308) Sold at Sothebys London on 29 April 1981,lot 78,for 4,180 GBP.Said to contain a fugitive synthetic dye,which may however have been Logwood(Bausback`s "Graublau")Published by Peter Bausback in 1981.See Hali 4-1-87. 160 x 249 cms.
309) With Giusseppe Cohen,plate XCI. 130 x 275 cms.


310) Sold at Sothebys London on 17 December 1982,lot 1,for 1,100 GBP.Published in Flowers of the Desert by John Collins,1989.Reviewed in Hali 37-100,1988. 91 x 152 cms.
311) Unsold at Christies London on 18 October 2016,lot 22,against an estimate of 3,000-5,000 GBP; again unsold at Rippon Boswell on 25 November 2017,lot 210,estimate 5,500 euro. 128 x 225 cms.
312) Sold at Christies London Islamic Sale on 17 October 1996,lot 570,for $ 18,170. 208 x 314 cms.
313) At Christies London on 23 February 1989,lot 112.Estimate 6,000-8,000 GBP. 157 x 224 cms.


Two rugs with an Indian Petal border have been recorded.
314)At the legendary Palais Galiera sale,Paris 28 March 1968,lot 110.Sold for 7,500 Francs. 124 x 205 cms.
315) Unsold at Sothebys London on 19 July 1989,lot 19.Estimate 5,000-7,000 GBP. 193 x 324 cms.


GEOMETRIC DESIGNS also occur amongst this group. Shekarlu versions are also known( 444-446)

316)Advertised by Adraskand in Oriental Rug Review 11-4-inside cover,1991. 167 x 215.
317) Published by Herrmann in SOT IX,1987.Sale Price 18,400 DM.Auctioned at Rippon Boswell on 25 November 2017,lot 21,for 4,920 euro ($= 1,19) 144 x 188 cms.



318) Unsold at Christies on 9 October 2006,lot 266,against an estimate of 4,000-6,000 GBP. 173 x 305 cms.
319) Sold for $5,400 at Christies NY on 23 June 2006,lot 36.See Hali 148-115. 97 x 183 cms.


ORNATE DESIGNS WITH FLORAL SPRIGS may be counted amongst the most desirable of striped panels.
320) Sold at Christies NY on May 27 1987,lot 80,for $ 14,300. 104 x 190 cms.


321) Published by Taher Sabahi in L`Arte del Tappeto,page 213. 119 x 231 cms.
322) Sold at Rippon Boswell for 4,000 euro on 28 May 2005,lot 89. 91 x 196 cms.
323) At Christies on 7 April 1990,lot 164.Koeltz Collection.Estimate  $1,500-2,000. 104 x 208 cms.
324) Sold for 1,500 GBP at Sothebys London on 3 November 2015,lot 68.Described as a Kashkuli Cradle cover,the original photo replete with long braided warps. 68 x 135 cms.


325) From the Ryksmuseum,Amsterdam.Inv. Nr. 16176.
326) Unsold at Christies London on 8 October 2009,lot 17.Estimate 2,500-3,500 GBP. 137 x 183 cms.
327) Published in Hali 34,page 16,"A Persian Collection" by Daniel Shaffer.Then with Kensington Carpets,priced at 6,000 GBP. 110 x 143 cms.


328) At Rippon Boswell on 19 November 1988,lot 98.Estimate 22,500 DM.Sold at Sothebys London on 12 October 2005,lot 41,for 2500 GBP.Dated 1903. 157 x 298 cms.
329) At Sothebys NY on 12 & 13 June 1981,lot 383.Estimate $7,000-9,000. 114 x 191 cms.
330) Published in Hali 194-83,2017.Nishaburi Collection.


JINNI CARPETS are a speciality of the Fars region,which is not rich in pictorial carpets although individual elements such as roosters,lions,humanoids etc. occur frequently. 
334)A silk carpet illustrated by Bennett,said to be from the Kirman area,may have been a starting point.


331) Cyrus Parham Collection,published in Oriental Rug Review XIII-4,page 18,as part of his article "The Mystique of "Arab Jinni" Designs,1993.Re-published in Hali 188,2016,page 108.Dated 1919. 137 x 202 cms.
332) Published in the ICOC catalogue,World of Carpets,Figure 47,page 114.Southern California Collection. 119 x 147 cms.
333) Sold at Lefevre on  26 February 1982,lot 43,for 5,000 GBP.Also published in ORR 13.4-19.With M.Shirali (Hali 47-108-1989)Said to have been in the Kossow Collection.Lately published by Abel Trbiarz in the catalogue of his collection,Rugs & Art,Nr. 127. 157 x 215 cms.


335) Advertised by Roger Cavanna in Hali 116,page 146. 191 x 152 cms.
336)Unsold at Phillips on 24 June 1986,lot 71.Estimate 500-700 GBP. 89 x 284 cms.
337) Unsold at Rippon Boswell on 25 November 2017,lot 84,against an estimate of 8,500 euro. 87 x 90 cms.


SHEKARLU CARPETS were thus christened by James Opie in his book Tribal Rugs,from 1992,page 84.A further elaboration can be found in his article,"Animal Figures in South Persian Rugs" Oriental Rug Review XII-2-page 17.He describes them as a "no-longer-extent subtribe within the Qashgai Confederacy"He reiterates his thoughts in Hali 172-32.However,there seems to be no firm evidence for such an attribution.The name,presumably Bazaar-shorthand,is catchy though,and has stuck.The typical border recalls the strict geometric style of Turkmen tentbands.The majority seem to be symmetrically knotted.

338-384.SICKLE-LEAF CARPETS are the most prominent type of rug in this group.They perhaps have their origins in a group of North-West Persian carpets related to those pieces with Avshan design(338A)

338A-Keir Collection

The diagonal Leaf carpets have been ordered through the arrangement of their leaf-forms,i.e:
358-360) those with a non-symmetric arrangement;
361-362) those in which the leaves point in one direction,changing direction from row to row;
363-364) those facing in one direction,without changing from row to row;
365-366) those with opposed leaves,not changing from row to row;
367-368) those with opposed leaves,changing from row to row;
369-371A) those without leaves;
372-384) those without the Shekarlu border,but standard field design.

338) Advertised by Markus Voigt,Hali 126-112(ex Collection Timmerman?)Sold for 6,710 euro at the Kossow Sale,Rippon Boswell 26 March 2011,lot 100. 166 x 178 cms.Non-symmetric.
339) In the Ryksmuseum Amsterdam,BK 16174.Opposed leaves,unchanging.
340) Published in the tenth ICOC catalogue,"World of Carpets and Textiles",2003,plate 29,page 96.Many of these carpets have an inner surrounding guard of half-diamonds with an Aksu design.Small border guards with "S" forms are also common.James D.Burns Collection.163 x 185 cms.Opposed leaves,unchanging.


341) Sold for $18,760 at Rippon Boswell on 15 May 1999,lot 148.See Hali 106-138. 198 x 220 cms.Opposed leaves,changing.
342) At Christies London on 18 October 2016,lot 23.Sold for 5,250 GBP. 178 x 183 cms.Leaves facing in one direction,alternating each row.
343) Published by James Opie,Hali 172-33. 185 x 210 cms.Leaves facing in one direction,no change per row.


344)Sold at Nagel on 6 November 20011,lot 273,for 5,500 euro (UV)A common device,seen here in two rows, is a latchhook medallion with pendants,resembling a Vajra.188 x 227 cms.
345) At Nagel on 7 June 1980,lot 333.Estimate 6,000 DM.The leaves have been replaced by minbar-like forms. 173 x 211 cms.
346) At Phillips on 30 September 1986,lot 17.Estimate 2,500-3,000 GBP. 169 x 185 cms.


The three-pronged border variant usually appears on redground carpets.

347) Sold at Christies on 25 April 2002,lot 146,for 5,377 GBP.Later with Richard Purdon,and Amir Oskouei in Hali 199.The later two publications appear to have appended warp braiding.168 x 208 cms(Christies)Opposed,changing every row.
348) Published by James Burns in Tribal Visions,plate 87.Said to be symmetrically knotted.Woolen warp and red woolen weft. Reminiscent of the Keir Collection carpet in plate 338A.152 x 177 cms.
349) Published by James Opie in Hali 172-33. 101 x 134 cms.
350) With Shiv Sikri;at Grogans on 20 January 2013,lot 144.


351-357) Redground versions.

351) Sold at Rippon Boswell on 7 May 1988,lot 87,for 18,000 DM. 182 x 208 cms.Opposed leaves,no change.
352) Published by E.Herrmann in Konya bis Kokand,and later in 1983 by Helmut Reinisch in Von Bagdad nach Stambul. 160 x 195 cms. Opposed,no change.
353) In the Ryksmuseum Amsterdam,Nr. BK 16175.Opposed,no change.
354) With Herrmann and published in SOT V.Sale price 29,500 DM. 180 x 206 cms.


355) With David Black.Published in Woven Gardens,plate 4.Woolen warp and red weft,asymmetric knot open left. 156 x 204 cms.Non-symmetric design.
356)At Sothebys on 27 April 2005,lot 76.Sold for 14,400 GBP. 160 x 213 cms.Non-symmetric design.
357)Chris Hunt,advertisement Hali 172-36. 185 x 211 cms. Opposed design,no change.


358-360,Non-symmetric design.

358) Published in Canadian Collections II,Collection Andrew Vodstrcil. 157 x 193 cms.Red woolen weft.
359) Sold for $5,000 at Sothebys New York on 11 June 2008,lot57.At the Material Culture auction on 23 September 2019,lot 0069. 168 x 193 cms.
360) An early publication of such a carpet,in Neugebauer & Orendi 1909,page 201-131.The earliest publication seems to have been in the 1892 catalogue to the great Vienna show,where two Shekarlu rugs were exhibited.(360A)



361-362.One direction,changing each row.

361) Sold at Nagel on 7 May 1994,lot 1200,for 3,900 DM. 173 x 225 cms.
362) Published by Cyrus Parham,1986.


363-364.One direction,no change.(very rare)

363) Collection Dominique Aupy.
364) Unsold at Sothebys on 12 October 2005,lot 74. 160 x 263 cms.


365-366.Opposed leaves,no change.

365) Advertisement Max Lerch,Hali 56,April 1991.Re-published in the Lerch catalogue of 1993,Nr. 46.170 x 220 cms.
366) Sold at Rippon Boswell on 25 November 2017,lot 68,for 6,150 euro. 210 x 288 cms.


367-368.Opposed leaves,changing each row.

367) Unsold at Rippon Boswell on 17 November 2018,lot 225,against an estimate of 9,500-12,000 euro. 152 x 238 cms.
368) Published by James Burns in Tribal Visions,plate 88. 175 x 215 cms.


WHITEGROUND RUGS are scarce in this design,but three are recorded here.

368A) Sold at Christies on 15 October 1988,lot 8.With animal-head tree design.See Hali 102-126. 132 x 188 cms.
368B) Advertised by Richard Purdon in Hali III-I-75,1980. 143 x 259 cms.
368C) Advertised by Besim,Hali 6-1-5,1983. 116 x 167 cms.


369-371A.Without leaves.(all with blue field)

369) At Christies on 16 November 1989,lot 17.Estimate 1,200,-1,800 GBP. 132 x 279 cms.
370) At the Dorotheum on 25 March 2010,lot 185.Sold for 2,304 euro.
371) At Nagel on 7 June 1980,lot 333.See entry 345.
371a) With Haliden.


372-375.Without Shekarlu border,blueground.

372) Unsold at Rippon Boswell on 17 May 2003,lot 139,estimate 7,500 euro.Sold at the Rippon Boswell Kossow Sale on 26 March 2011,lot 40,for 5,246 euro.Sold for 8,680 at the Azadi Sale,AAC 19 November 2016,lot 76. 173 x 306 cms.
373) Unsold at Christies on 16 April 2007,lot 232.Estimate 4,000-6,000 GBP. 226 x 560 cms.
374) Sold at Lefevre on 23 April 1982,lot 41,for 2,300 GBP. 114 x 190 cms.
375) At Semenzato on 3 April 1990,lot 24. 160 x 275 cms.


376-378)KHAMSEH RUGS in the Shekarlu peasant style feature the full animal farm retinue with rooster border and gargoyloid lions.The medallion-latchhooks on the Pazyrk rug(377-377a) are particularly well defined.



379-384) A final group employs the basic Shekarlu ground-plan,but without the characteristic border.

379) Sold at the Rippon Boswell Kossow Sale on 26 March 2011.lot 110,for $15,900.As an alternative border scheme only minor guards,typical of bagfaces,are often deployed. 164 x 203 cms.
380) Unsold at Rippon Boswell on 23 May 2009,lot 197,against an estimate of 5,800 euro. 135 x 142 cms.
381) A highly-wrought example with Hans-Ulrich Merx in December 2004.As in the previous example,the diagonal leaf forms are a throwback to the earlier style(viz.348) 158 x 217 cms.


382) Sold at Rippon Boswell on 24 November 2012,lot 159,for 10,004 euro.A   variant with white corner spandrels featuring botehs. 172 x 259 cms.
383) First published by Eberhart Herrmann in SOT X,plate 74.Auctioned at the Kossow Sale,Rippon Boswell,26 March 2011,lot 102,for $12,000;and again at the AAC Vienna on 19 November 2016,lot 24,for $8,535.The Tekke-style Shekarlu border is flanked on each side by 11 lions.See Hali 168-141,  190-136,and 189-122. 157 x 213 cms.
384) Sold at Rippon Boswell on 19 May 2007,lot 112,for 13,000 euro. 133 x 178 cms.


385) James Opie attributed this carpet,with some uncertainty, to the Lurs,before he came upon the idea of the Shekarlu.It lacks the customary border,but of interest are the diagonal leaves with archaic  animal  heads.These heads also blossom on the cypress trees dominating plates 386-389.Dated late 19th century.172 x 312 cms.


386-89) THE ANIMAL-HEAD TREE is also found on latch-hook medallions in the Caucasus.


386) A bustling allover-design rug sold at the Kossow Sale,Rippon Boswell,on 26 March 2011,lot 68,for $8,650.See Hali 168-143. 149 x 239 cms.
387) Sold at Phillips on 26 November 1991,lot 33,for $10,880.Later with Haliden,see Hali 104,1999 Hali Fair Preview. 170 x 262 cms.
388) Shown by James Opie,John Howe Internet site.
389) Exhibited by Richard Purdon,Internet.


390-402) MEDALLION CARPETS  from the Shekarlu are known since an early publication in the accompanying catalogue to the Wienerwerk of 1892.


391) Somewhat reminiscent of a Caucasian carpet,perhaps in the Lori-Pambak style,this small group of carpets has been attributed by Achdjian,via Burns,to an Armenian community in Shiraz.Another similar rug is illustrated in Hali 126-36,and again in "World of Carpets" plate 28,Moorehouse Collection. 185 x 241 cms.
392) At Lefevre on 22 April 1983,lot 48.Estimate 2,500-3,000 GBP. 175 x 241 cms.
393) Sold at Van Ham on 2 November 2002,lot 547,for 2,000 euro. 167 x 193 cms.
394) The caravan in the center medallion reminded Eberhart Herrmann of those tentbands depicting marriage processions.Published in SOT V,plate 66. See also the books of Essie Sakhai,where a similar rug is illustrated.One of a few rugs with a dark border background.Apparently Turkish knotted. 160 x 220 cms.


395)At Hindman on 27 February 1994,lot 64;and at Finarte on 4 November 1995,lot 108.Rare size. 192 x 476 cms.
396) Published by Eiland in 1976 and 1981.Dark woolen warp and weft.Asymmetric knot open left. 182 x 406 cms.
397) A standard pommegranate/poppy medallion design with Shekarlu border,published by Bausback in 1987/88. 113 x 197 cms.
398) With Adil Besim in 1993.With 4 Lion-Gargoyles.Published in Hali 68. 160 x 293 cms.


399) Published in Trybiarz,Rugs & Art,plate 26. 156 x 272 cms.
400) Sold at Edelmann on 11 December 1979,lot 127,for $ 4,250. 142 x 236 cms.
401) Published in Tappeti Antichi,Mondadori 1991,page 184,Morlacchi Collection. 147 x 260 cms.
402) Variation of the standard border,sold at Skinner on 13 September 1997,lot 106 for $ 2,185.Published by Abel Trybiarz, Rugs & Art,plate 94. 130 x 225 cms.


404-410.THISTLE PALMETTES are a concept adapted from the Southern Caucasus and form a small group.


404) Unsold at Christies on 23 April 2013,lot 177.Estimate 4,000-6,000 GBP. 170 x 296 cms.
405) Unsold at Christies on 25 October 2007,lot 260.Estimate 3,500-4,000 GBP. 151 x 270 cms.
406) Sold at Rippon Boswell 16 November 2002,lot 139 for 5,500 euro;and again at the same venue on 1 December 2007,lot 78,for 4,000 euro. 143 x 289 cms.


407) Sold at Sothebys on 3 December 1988,lot 134,for $ 8,800.All wool structure,red weft,symmetric knot. 150 x 264 cms.
408) Sold at Christies Islamic Sale,London,on 20 October 1994,lot 561,for 2,180 GBP. 147 x 279 cms.
409) Advertised by Mark Santos in Hali 126,page 45,in 2003. 160 x 276 cms.


410) At Semenzato on 3 April 1990,lot 59. 140 x 210 cms.


BOTEH DESIGNS are uncommon in this group.

412) Published by John Collins in Flowers of the Desert,1989,plate 5.All wool structure,red weft,symmetric knot. 182 x 238 cms.
413) Unsold at Sothebys Los Angeles on 20 October 1980,lot 21.Estimate $5,000-7,000. Referred to in Hali 3-3-254 as Baharlu. 91 x 164 cms.
414) Sold for 9,150 euro at the AAC on 29 September 2018,lot 59.
415) Unsold at Skinner on 10 July 1998,lot 133.Estimate  $800-1,200. 121 x 182 cms.



416) Aksu design carpet sold at the AAC Vienna on 15 March 2014,lot 137,for 9,150 euro. 189 x 208 cms.
417) With Craig Bale.
418) Unsold at Rippon Boswell on 31 May 2014,lot 143.Estimate 9,000 euro. 156 x 216 cms.


419) Sold for 40,000 DM at Rippon Boswell on 18 November 2000,lot 149. 150 x 280 cms.
420) Bearing a heraldic panel usually found in the spandrels of the Millefleur rugs,here a Qashgai emblem has been bisected by a diagonal diamond design with swastikas,known from flatweaves.Sold for $4,500 at Sothebys New York on 6 June 2007,lot 32.107 x 208 cms.
421) Sold for 3,120 GBP at Christies on 28 April 2005,lot 222. 197 x 210 cms.


422) Diagonal shrub design sold at Nagel on 19 October 1990,lot 389,for 4,500 DM.Symmetric knotting. 180 x 250 cms.
423) A second,similar rug went unsold at Rippon Boswell on 5 May 1990,lot 140.Estimate 16,700 DM. 155 x 218 cms.
424) Aksu design rug sold for $1,000 at Part II of the Dole Sale,Eldred,19 August 1971,lot 57.According to Bausback,who published it in his catalogue in the same year,it was purchased in the late 19th century.All wool,red wefts. 167 x 216 cms.


425) Two large bands of abrash break up the monotony of the field.Published by Opie in "Tribal Rugs"1992,at which time the author felt confident enough to firmly attribute this group to the Sherkalu,whom he describes as "no-longer-extant",surely a polite expression for "non-existant".Published again in that author`s article in Hali 193-99,in 2017.With the three-pronged border variant.152 x 259 cms.
426) A diagonal mosaic design sold at Skinner on 19 September 1998,lot 5,for $1150.
427) Another diagonal latchhook medallion design interspersed with a row of fat botehs.Exhibited in Vancouver in 1979.Attributed to the ever-popular Baharlu.Symmetric knot,red weft. 135 x 264 cms.


HORIZONTAL WAVE STRIPES are a favourite amongst the Fars weavers.The rugs here differ only through their border.

428) Unsold against an estimate of 25,000 euro at Rippon Boswell on 29 November 2008,lot142. 177 x 212 cms.
429)With a rare redground three-prong border.On offer at Herrmann`s in 1986 for 37,650 DM. Asymmetric knot,all-wool structure,red weft. 122 x 138 cms.
430) With original "tribal" braiding.Sold for 6,400 GBP at Sothebys  London on 23 April 1980,lot 47.Published by Opie,"Tribal Rugs of Southern persia"page 27. 104 x 135 cms.
431) From the Collection of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.Published by Annette Ittig in "Woven Dreams" 1994,plate 33.Exhibited in 1916 as "Shiraz"Symmetrically knotted. 106 x 160 cms.


432) With rare Turkmen/NW persian "S" form bands.Sold at Rippon Boswell on 7 May 1988,lot 32,for5,500 DM.
433) The mountain stripe design in this rug occurs rarely.The carpet was sold twice at Sothebys,on 8 December 1990,lot 122,for $ 18,700;and again on 14 December 1995,lot 45,for $17,250.Reviewed twice in Hali 55-163,and Hali 85-139.In the meantime it had made a guest appearance on John Kurtz` TV show in 1991.Guardian botehs lurk in the corners.Asymmetric knot,all-wool structure with red weft. 114 x 152(1990) or 117 x 135 (1995) cms.



434-440) NARROW BOTEH STRIPES occur commonly on Fars rugs;again, the only visual difference in the "Shekarlu" group is the border.

434) This has appeared four times at auction since 1982,when it was first sold at Edelmann on 23 October,lot 270,estimate $7,500-8,500.It went unsold at Sothebys NY on 30-31 October 1981,lot 244,estimate $8,000-10,000.It returned to Sothebys on 5 December 1987,lot 34.It sold for $15,600 at Sothebys NY on 2 April 2004,lot 38. 170 x 208 cms.
435) Advertised by Lindfield Galleries in Hali 105,1999,page 124. 137 x 193 cms.
436) Advertised by Joseph W.Fell in Hali 53-180. 163 x 198 cms.
437) A so-called Moharramat design on a rug unsold at Sothebys on 8 October 1999,lot 81;on 27 September 2000;and sold at Sothebys on 14 September 2001,lot 71,for $5,400.Later published in Antica Arte Tessile IV,by Albert Levi,plate 22,and in Essie Sakhai,Fabric,258. 180 x 231 cms.


438) Unsold at Rippon Boswell on 25 May 2019,estimate 6,000 euro;subsequently with James Cohen. 157 x 237 cms.
439) Advertised by George Gilmore in Hali 146,page 55,2006. 122 x 152 cms.
440) Sold for 13,200 GBP. 142 x 274 cms.


441-443) WIDER BAND Designs.A group of three.

441) With Bausback,published in his 1977 catalogue.All wool,red weft,symmetric knot. 153 x 279 cms.
442) Advertised by Roger Cavanna in Hali 145-34,2006. 170 x 297 cms.
443) Sold for 2,100 GBP at Sothebys Islamic on 16-17 April 1985,lot 784. 169 x 296 cms.


443A-443C) BOTEH STRIPE RUGS in the plumper,or fat style.

443A) Published by James Opie in 1981,page 21.At Skinner on 3 June 1986,lot 107,estimate $8.000-12,000.Advertised in Hali 34,1987,page 33 by Peter Bausback.Published in his 1987-88 catalogue page 157.Opie gives the warp as cotton,which seems unlikely.Bausback`s analysis gives all wool structure,asymmetric knot. 132 x 188 cms.
443B) Unsold at Rippon Boswell on 28 May 2005,lot 121,against an estimate of 24,000 euro. 131 x 187 cms.
443C) Published in "Orientalsk Taepekunst" Valby Kunstforening,1964,page 42.Inscribed "Oh Ali" 135 x 195 cms.



444) At Finarte on 15 November 1996,lot 22.Estimate 10,000-12,000 Lira. 155 x 225 cms.
445) Sold for 2,500 GBP at Lefevre on 16 October 1981,lot 43. 160 x 190 cms.
446) With Sam Coad and Craig Wallen;advertised by Ronnie Newman in Hali 117-87,2001,as North Persian.182 x 210 cms.


Two rugs with the three pronged border variant:-

447) At Finarte on 16 November 2002,lot 20."Tappeto Anatolia" 136 x 177 cms.
448) Sold at Rippon Boswell on 19 May 2012,lot 102,for $10,590. See Hali 172-119. With Craig Bale in 2014.168 x 203 cms.



449) Published by Richard Markarian in his Album,plate 139.Dark warp,red weft,asymmetric knot.With knotted imitation flat-woven ends.163 x 211 cms.
450) Sold at Rippon Boswell on 18 November 2000,lot 64,for 59,000 DM ($ 25,990)In pristine condition.See Hali 115-148. 154 x 244 cms.
451) Sold at Skinner on 24 April 1993,lot 229,for $ 2,805.Dark blueground border. 86 x 152 cms.


452) At Rippon Boswell Frankfurt on 7 May 1977,lot 78.Estimate 4,500 DM.With a repeat vine-rosette-boteh design. 160 x 296 cms.
453) Published by Bausback in 1978-385,and 1987/88-154.All wool structure,asymmetric knot. 122 x 162 cms.
454) On offer in Munich with Eberhart Herrmann in 1985 (SOT VII-59) for 60,000 DM.Sold at Rippon Boswell on 26 March 2011,lot 130,for $36,300(Kossow Sale)Sold again at Rippon Boswell on 28 may 2016,lot 161,for $ 20,505.With the three-pronged border variant.146 x 206 cms.




455 & 456) Sold for 16,500 GBP at Sothebys Islamic Sale,London,on 15 June 1983,lot 178(see Hali 5-4-537 and 34-89) On offer at Christies London 26 April 1990,lot 26,estimate 10,000-15,000 GBP.Published by Parham Sakhai and Opie(in 1992) 152 x 251 cms.
457) Advertised by Minassian in Hali 124,2002.At some point with Mike Isberian.Sold at Rippon Boswell on 29 November 2008,lot 107,for 7,320 euro. 137 x 207 cms.
458) Published by Sakhai,"Geschichte" page 75.



459) With Craig Bale.


460) Sold at Bonhams on 25 April 2012,lot 110,for 1625 GBP.Also with  Craig Bale. 124 x 249 cms.
461) Published by James Opie in:Hali 35-1987;Oriental Rug Review 12-2-10,1992;Tribal Rugs,10.8-1992;Hali 172-32,2012. 127 x 236 cms.
462) With James Cohen at the Hali fair 2019.
463) Published Herrmann ATT 1-39. Symmetric knot. 113 x 179 cms.


463A)The Shekarlu border in its three-pronged variation makes another appearance in late 19th century Rabat carpets.No one knows why.


463B) A further stage in this cocooning was lately sighted with C.John:an Indian copy of a Moroccan copy of a Persian rug.

463B-C.John 064

There was a close interchange of design between the Afshar and rug weavers in Fars.Why and how this came about is unclear.The author believes it has more to do with the movement of dealers than of tribes.
One interesting group features an allover design of floral blobs,perhaps Botehs in a former life,which appear to have been crossed with the European rose,or Gul Ferenghi.A sprig of three white flowers has been transposed across each unit,in burgeoning stadium.The field is invariably marked off by a white fence which also delineates half-medallions,or turrets,in the Afshar fashion.John Collins has written an illuminating short study of this in "Persian Piled Weaving" plate 9.

Attributed to the Afshar:
464) Unsold at Rippon Boswell on 29 November 2008,lot 291,estimate 15,000 euro.With Alberto Levi,Milan:shown at the Stockholm ICOC(see Hali 167-51,2011) Advertised by Alberto Levi in Carpet Collector 4-13-102. 147 x 252 cms.
465) Sold for $4,400 at Skinner on 24 April 1993,lot 156. 129 x 236 cms.
466) Offered at Sothebys on 7 April 1992,lot 676.Estimate $12,000-15,000. 152 x 269 cms.


Attributed to Fars:
467) Advertised by John Collins in Hali 127,2003,as "Khamseh" 168 x 325 cms.
468) Advertised by Tony Kitz,Hali 99,1998. 165 x 289 cms.
469) At Sothebys on 18 October 1995,lot 84.Estimate 3,000-4,000 GBP.Sold for 1,880 GBP at Sothebys on 16 October 2002,lot 8. 169 x 329 cms.


Further reading:
Michael K.David,Art of the Nomads,Hali 4-2-1981.