Persian carpets:The Behague Vase Carpet-26 February 2012;NW Persian Classical Medallion Carpets/Polonaise Carpets/The Yerkes—Pratt Safavid fragments and their inscription-24 March 2012;Vase carpet fragments-7 October 2012;Safavid arabesque and Medallion carpets-11 January 2013;the serrated-leaf lattice design-20 April 2014;Polonaise Carpet Index-23 June 2014;Origin of the Herati Pattern,including Baluch,Classical Indian and Caucasian carpets-28 September 2014;Saf carpets-2 December 2014;the Emperor`s carpets and their descendents-28 May 2015;Isfahan Red-Ground Floral carpets-28 May 2015;Palmette Carpets-28 May 2015,Nrs.290-313;Afshan design carpets-28 May 2015-Nrs 420-433;Isfahan Medallion carpets and some copies-7 February 2016;Ziegler Carpet Index-25 September 2016;Heriz Carpet Index-May 2017;Rugs from the Fars Region-26.05.2020.

Turkmen carpets:Archaic Yomut main carpets/Arabachi Choval,Historia Auctions 2016-27 February 2012;Tekke main carpets with Choval Göl-7 May 2012;Arabachi chovals 24 May 2012;Tekke asmalyk on ebay-29 May 2012;Tekke ensis- 16 September 2012;Tekke 9 Göl torbas-20 October 2012;Salor carpet Index-21 October 2012;Turkmen carpets and chovals with the Chevron design-5 November 2012;Eagle-Göl chovals-13 December 2012;Eagle Göl Primer-18 March 2013;MarchTekke asmalyk Index:20 April 2014-Nrs.73-107;Yomut 9-Göl Chovals-3 September 2014;Yomut main carpets with Choval Göl-3 September 2014;Saf carpets-3 December 2014;Saryk Main Carpet Index-13 December 2015;Salor Main carpet fragment Index-25 March 2016; Saryk Ensi-23 June 2018; SalorNine Medallion Chovals-21 March 2022;

Baluch carpets:Turkmen Ensi style/Mamluke bag style-3 March 2012;Baluch “Vase” carpets-10 January 2013;a group of Baluch or Ersari prayer rugs-30 January 2013;Tree of Yacub Khani-09 August 2019

Turkish Carpets:Kula medallion rugs/Kula inscribed re-entry rugs-9 March 2012;a Seljuk(?) fragment at Christies;three early Turkish prayer rugs-15 April 2012;Sarkislar carpets-20 April 2012;Sarkislar carpets postscript-29 April 2012;Seljuk Carpet Index-12 May 2012;Turkish Divan rugs(with some Transylvanians)-29 July 2012;Transylvanian rug forgeries-21 October 2012;a Transylvanian carpet with inwoven weft-design-5 December 2012;pre-1800 Karapinar carpets 16 May 2013- Nrs 96-184;Holbein and Lotto carpet Index-3 January 2014;Saf carpets-1 December 2014;Ushak carpet Index-4 September 2015;Re-entrant Prayer Rug Index-7 June 2016;White-ground Selendi carpet Index-13 November 2016;Transylvanian and Konya Plain Prayer Rugs-22 November 2017;Red-Brown Anatolian Carpets-21 October 2019;Knotted Velvet-8 February 2002;

Caucasian carpets:Pinwheel prayer rugs-25 March 2012;Medallion leaf carpets from the 18th century-8 April 2012;19th century Kuba Shrub carpets and 18th century Shield carpets-19 May 2012;later Dragon carpets and Soumaks-1 August 2012;Medallion carpets with Book-cover designs 17th-19th centuries-4 August 2012;Shield carpets-5 November 2012;arabesque-design rugs-26 May 2013;a Star Kazak Index-11 February 2014;18th Century Caucasian carpets with Lotus Palmette design-20 March 2014;Saf carpets-2 December 2014;Palmette design carpets 28 May 2015-314-351;Harshang design carpets-28 May 2015;Afshan design carpets 28 May 2015-Nrs. 434-485;Karachov carpets-20 July 2017.

Indian Carpets:Carpets in the Albert Hall Museum-1 May 2012;Indian Shaped Carpets Index-25 August 2012;Lotus Palmette and Medallion carpets-28 May 2015; 19th Century Indian Carpets and their Prototypes-26 August 2020.

Cairene and Mamluke Carpets:Circular shaped Mamluke carpets-22 November 2012;Cairene carpet Index-1 January 2013;Club Med-Mamluke Carpet Index;Para-Mamluk Carpets;Chessboard Carpets-22 March 2018.

Chinese carpets:Arrow design mats and carpets 9 May 2012;

East Turkestan Carpets:Medallion carpets and bags-5 November 2012;Medallion-lattice carpets-20 February 2013 ;Saf carpets-3 December 2014;Saf Carpets-5 December 2014;East Turkestan(Xinjiang/Altishar) Carpet Index-3 April 2016;

Carpet Exhibitions 1910-1950:16 October 2017:Munich 1910:the exhibition of Islamic Art in Munich-25 November 2020;the exhibition in Chicago 1926-8 April 2021;the exhibition of Persian Art London 1931-5 May 2021; the exhibition In Amsterdam & Delft, 1946, 1947 &1948-July 2021; the 2nd exhibition in Chicago 1947-July 2021; the exhibition in Turin 1948-August 2021; the exhibition in Hamburg 1950-October 2021;

Other themes:American Collector`s Homes from the 1960`s-18 June 2012;Postscript and link to Fortune Magazine Article-26 August 2012;Lauren Arnold`s Carpet Index of carpets in Paintings;an unattributed silk rug-28 July 2012;Ottoman life in the Balkans-31 July 2012;The Pazyryk Carpet Magazine(1968)-27 August 2012;Early Animal carpets-10 January 2013;Khyamiya-Egyptian and Turkish tents and related Turkish carpets-16 May 2013;Turkish and Caucasian designs with a Swastika inspired design-11 June 2013;Spanish Armorial carpets and their copies-13 December 2014;Rugs of the Golden Triangle-16 October 2017;

General Index of online files: 30 May 2022.

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