Thursday 18 May 2017

Heriz Carpet Catalogue,Volume II: Medallion Designs

The very definition of a Heriz carpet is one bearing the "Classic" Medallion(099-121)an 8/16 pointed roundel derived from 16th century Safavid models,which may well have been developed during the Turkmen Regency in Azerbaijan.An innovation introduced by the Heriz District weavers is the creation of a second coloured field between ground and medallion,thus interrupting the flow of an otherwise standard Turkmen-style major and minor  repeat design.

It is often difficult to tell whether we are viewing a single isolated Göl,or a flowing scheme,but usually the weavers have left us a clue by continuing the field colour  around the top and bottom of the medallion.The apex points recall the cusps of a Small Pattern Holbein,and the center is often strongly delineated by a quatrefoil outlining.The four hunched shoulders are filled with oblique panels often containing degenerate Arabesque,and the medallion itself is crowned by a large and elaborate palmette pendant.No two carpets are ever alike,although serial production has been observed

There are clear connections to older Turkish rugs(as noted by Christine Klose),whether in the archaic- debased or manufacture style



The Turkish carpets themselves deriving from models drawn out at the Ak and Kara-Koyunlu Courts,already before the onset of the Kurdish-Turkmen Dynasty of the Safavids

Blumenthal Collection,MET


Perhaps the Classic Medallion,with its mesh of Turkish and Iranian elements, is that which has been woven in East Azerbaijan for centuries(it is remarkably crystallised) and is in fact the Bakshayesh production praised by Mumford for its reputation in the whole of Iran.Or:it is purely the output of a 19th century Tabriz designer(albeit one of genius)?

As a variant the corner secondaries have sometimes been abandoned and their remains pasted onto the flanks of the medallions((064-072)leaving plenty of room for field and ground play.

There are basically two types of medallion in use(as there are two types of border)one is the aforementioned "Classic" design with all its variations;the other is an elongated oblong form often attributed to Bakshayesh(why not?) and thus ascribed here.The oblong shape is one of the most basic design units known to man,and was the subject of a brilliant essay by the 17th century polymath,Sir Thomas Brown,entitled aptly The Garden of Cyrus.It is a simple layout most adequate for grid designs,and which can be configured in the sand(074-090)

In contrast some truly opulent carpets issued forth,no doubt fom the Tabriz ateliers,including one distinct group with a large cross center(091,092)

Some 80 medallion carpets bear inscriptions,mostly derived from Hafiz and other poets. Many await translation(094-097)

Quite a large group with elongated medallions feature lateral indents of a type seen on some Transylvanian carpets(124-132)

A number of high-class carpets were obviously woven under the influence of Keshan,with large full-bodied medallions(133-135)

A further cluster combine thick heavy leafage both within and without the center roundel,and are characterised by the use of elegantly drawn,quite classical palmettes(136-138)

A large and immaculate group of elongated carpets feature a design based on the flayed skin concept of an animal hide stretched taut to dry.There are Anatolian forebears for this,with probable Sufi connections,and 19th century Iranian interpretations as well

The central design is often depicted on a white dotted ground(perhaps the leopard`s spots?)and the entire production is of a very high quality,often inscribed(141-152)

An especially beautiful group feature rotund medallions,a brash,archaic drawing,and extremely good dyework.Best described as "Serapi"(161)

Many carpets were also produced with a small central medallion from which issue all kinds of arabesque floral forms( 162-173)

A last distinct group copies the jagged-edge medallion used in Sultanabad carpets(184)

064 Medallion with Corner Palmettes

Christies 8 April 1989,Lot 216 "Serapi",estimate $25-35,000

064A Medallion with Arabesque Corners

Christies 15 December 2004,lot 94 sold for $41,825

065 Corner Appendages,Blue Ground,Classic Medallion

Battilossi Catalogue 3-21

066 Corner Appendages,Pink & Red Ground,Classic Medallion

With Anthony Foster in 2003

067 Corner Appendages,White & Yellow Ground,Classic Medallion

Christies London,1 May 2003,Lot 20,sold for 35,850 Pounds

068 Corner Appendages,Blue and Green Ground

Christies London 25 October 2007,Lot 179,sold for 18,500 Pounds

069 Corner Appendages,Pink & Red Ground

Hali 36,1987,advert Davide Halevim

070 Corner Appendages,White and Yellow Ground

Hali 64,1992,advert Gerli,Sartirana Show

Advert A&L,Perugia catalogue 1997-26

071 Corner Appendages,Other Ground Colours

Sothebys 19 July 1989,lot 154,sold for £15,400

072 Straight Pointed Appendages

Sothebys New York 15 December 2000,lot 279,sold for $30,000

073 Eight Lobed Medallion

Christies London 14 October 2004,lot 248,estimate $22,000-25,000,unsold

074 Bakshayesh-Blue Ground-Chintamani Border

Sothebys 9 April 2014,lot 215,sold for £21,250(formerly published by Lettenmair)

075 Bakshayesh,Blue Ground,Curled Leaf and Diagonal Leaf Borders

at Skinners on 26 September 2015,lot 107,sold for $ 3,750

076 Bakshayesh-Blue Ground Herati Border

at Sothebys on 2 May 2001(170) and 11 October 2004(89)

077 Bakshayesh-Blue Ground,Meander Border

Sothebys London 5 April 2006,lot 114,sold for £6600

Davide Halevim,advert Ghereh 26

079 Bakshayesh-Blue Ground,Palmette Leaf and Medallion Border

at Sothebys 12 April 1996,lot 120,estimate $14-18,000

080 Bakshayesh-Blue Ground,Rosette and Leaf Border

at Sothebys  NY on 17 December 1999(264),unsold

081 Bakshayesh-Blue Ground,Animal Spandrels

at Christies on 12 December 2007(2),unsold

082 Bakshayesh-Blue Ground,Medallion Border

Eberhart Herrmann ATT 5;at Sothebys 23 April 1997(187)estimate £10-15,000

084 Bakshayesh-Blue Ground,Other Borders

At Sothebys 20 January 1990;Christies 15 December 1995;Sothebys 10 April 1997(224)

085 Bakshayesh-Camel & Ochre Ground

086 Bakshayesh-Green Ground

087 Bakshayesh-Red Ground,Chintamani Border

at Sothebys NY on 8 October 1999(331)sold for $13,800

088 Bakshayesh-Red Ground,Herati Border

with Galerie Sailer,Hali 107,1999

089 Bakshayesh-Red Ground,Other Borders

at the Davide Halevim Sale,Christies London 14 February 2001(22) sold for £60,950

090 Bakshayesh-White and Yellow Grounds

Berj Abadjian,advert Hali 2-4-66

091 Medallion-Baroque Style

Peter Pap

092 Medallion-Baroque Style,Blue Cross Center

Edelmann 19 April 1980(333) unsold

093 Medallion with Boteh Field

094 Medallion-Cartouche Border Calligraphy

095 Medallion Chintamani Border with Calligraphy

096 Medallion Herati Border with Calligraphy

097 Other Borders with Calligraphy

098 Medallion-Chondzoresk Design

099 Blue Ground Classic Medallion-with Chintamani Borders

at Christies on 29 November 1989,lot 230

100 Blue Ground Classic Medallion with Floral Herati borders

at Sothebys on 2 April 2004,lot 100,sold for $21,600

101 Blue Ground Classic Medallion with Geometric Herati Borders

at Sothebys 26 April 1995,lot 222

102 Blue Ground Classic Medallion with diverse borders

with Lida Lavender at the Hali Fair in 2002

103 Green Ground Classic Medallion

at Sothebys on 16 December 2005,lot 197,sold for $48,000

104 Ochre Ground Classic Medallion

at Finarte on 14 November 1998,lot 75

105 Pink Ground Classic Medallion

at Christies on 29 November,1989(lot 200)

106 Classic Medallion with plain field

at Nagels,Leipzig on 23 June 1993,lot 3263,sold for 20,000 Deutschmark

107 Red Ground Classic Medallion with Chintamani border

at Rippon Boswell on 16 November 1991(lot 86) sold for 65,000 Deutschmark

108 Red Ground Classic Medallion- Herati Border

at Christies on 10 April 2008,lot 240,unsold

109 White Ground Classic Medallion-blue Chintamani border

Christies Meyer-Müller Sale III,8 February 1992,lot 124

110 White Ground Classic Medallion-green ground Chintamani border

111 White Ground Classic Medallion-red ground Chintamani border

Lefevre 25 May 1984,lot 51

112) White Ground Classic Medallion-white and yellow ground Chintamani border

Christies 14 May 1997,lot 63

113 White Ground Classic Medallion with Curled Leaf border

Christies 17 December 2003,lot 81,unsold

114 White Ground Classic blue floral Herati border

115 White Ground Classic Medallion blue geometric Herati border

Christies 6 December 1988,lot 152,$13,200

116 White Ground Classic Medallion-redground geometric Herati border

Ghereh 21,with Hans Homm

117 White Ground Classic Medallion-red ground floral Herati border

Nomadic Looms advert,Hali 94,1997-page 10

118 White Ground Classic Medallion-yellowground floral Herati border

119 White Ground Classic Medallion-yellowground geometric Herati border

Christies 7 April 1990,lot 107

120 White Ground Classic Medallion-other borders

Maktabi Beirut,advert Hali 125,2002,page 61

121 Yellow Ground Classic Medallion

Sothebys NY 7 December 2010,lot 131,sold for $59,375

122 Medallion with large Palmettes in field

123 Medallion with Herati field

124 Indented Medallions-8-lobed with Chintamani border

125 Indented Medallions- blue ground-8-Lobed with Herati border

126 Indented Medallions-white ground-with Herati border

127 Indented Medallions with two notches

128 Indented Medallions with Chintamani border

129 Indented Medallions with Herati border

130 Indented Medallions-other borders

131 Long Indented Medallions

132 Indented medallions-Other

133 Keshan Medallion-Chintamani border

134 Keshan Medallion-Herati border

135 Keshan Medallion-other borders

136 Leaf Medallion-Chintamani border

137 Leaf Medallion-Curled Leaf border and others

138 Leaf Medallion-Herati border

139 Bakshayesh long medallion form

140 Bakshayesh Long Medallion Form,2

141 Bakshayesh Flayed Skin Medallion-abstract animals

142 Bakshayesh-Flayed Skin Medallion-Blue ground

143 Bakshayesh Flayed Skin Medallion-Camel and Yellow Ground

144 Bakshayesh Flayed Skin Medallion-Red Ground

145 Bakshayesh Flayed Skin White Ground Dotted Medallion Blue Field(+Calligraphy)

146 Bakshayesh Flayed Skin Medallion White Dotted Ground Red Field

147 Bakshayesh Flayed Skin Yellow Ground+Others

148 Bakshayesh Flayed Skin Medallion Diagonal Cross

149 Bakshayesh Flayed Skin Medallion Plain Field

150 Bakshayesh Thick Bands in Field

151 Bakshayesh With Thick Straight Drawing

152 Bakshayesh Flayed Skin Medallion-White Ground

153 Three medallions

154 Multi-Medallion Carpets

155 Medallion with Mina-Khani Field

156 Medallion with Plain Field-Blue and Red

157 Medallion with Plain Field-White and Yellow

158 Rotund Medallions-Chintamani border

159 Rotund Medallions-Herati Border

160 Star Petal Holbein Medallion

161 Large Round Jovial Medallions

162 Small Corner Medallions

163 Small Medallion-8 Leaf-Red Ground

164 Small Medallion-8 Leaf-White Ground

165 Small Medallion-Chintamani Border

166 Small Medallion-Camel,Green,White and Yellow Borders

167 Small Medallion-Red Ground

168 Small Medallion-Red Ground-Large Leaves in Field

169 Small Medallion-Other Borders

170 Small Medallion-Blue Ground-Herati Border

171 Small Medallion-Blue Ground Forked Leaf Field

172 Small Medallion-Red Ground Forked Leaf Field

173 Small Medallion-Yellow and White Ground

174 Thistle Medallions

175 Medallion with Botehs,Red Ground

176 Medallion with Botehs,White Ground

177 Medallion with Dragons

178 Single Medallions-Chintamani Border

179 Single Medallions-Herati Border

180 Other medallions,Other Borders

181 Other Medallions-Meander Border

182 Other Medallions-Floral Herati Border

183 Other Medallions-Geometric Herati Border

184 Ziegler Medallion Style