Wednesday, 9 May 2012

eBay Chinese mat

Although badly mutilated,this mat was offered by the Belgian dealer vasudara for a moderate price and was duly snapped up.
Other known examples include:

2-Rippon Boswell 58-103
3-Sotheby`s 5.4.2006-104
4-Auktionshaus Dr.Hüll 30.10.09-59
5-ARTS Capri Motel 2010
The design is just slightly more common on carpets.
6-E.Herrmann ATT 3-74
7-Sandra Whitman-Hali 110-149
8-Christies 4.10.11-151
9-Battilossi,Köln Nr.58
The above was also published by Michael Franses in Hali 124.He published a further example in the Orientations Magazine:
10-Orientations 5-04-82
And finally there are two circular carpets with this design:
11-Beijing Palace Museum Catalogue 252
12-Christie`s,published Hali 126-129
More discussions can be found in the Köln catalogue,"Glanz Der Himmelssöhne"nr 58,and in Hali 125-130.
The reversing arrow motif makes an early appearance in Konya 6,one of the smaller seljuk fragments,and can be often found,as Tom Cole pointed out,in 19th century Baluch carpet borders.
13-Konya 6
14-Köln 58

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