Monday 27 August 2012

Pazyryk Magazine

The watershed year of 1968 also saw the birth of the first International carpet magazine,Pazyryk.Published from Brussels(in English)by Werner Gratz,it had a short-lived career of one issue.


Alongside articles from Arthur Pope(later republished in "A Survey"),the youthful Jawosch Azadi,and Sufi populariser Idries Shah,the most interesting contribution came from Edmund de Unger.It features what appears to be his drawing room, with a Polonaise carpet on the wall,and a medallion carpet on the floor.

2-chez de Unger
The Polonaise has an interesting history,having been published in the "Wiener Werk" of 1892.Its pair is now in Berlin, a gift to Wilhem von Bode from the Prince of Liechtenstein.

3-Keir Collection


The Medallion carpet is presumably the Stora carpet,once in the Possession of the London dealer Jekyll.It bears the distinction of being the only other Safavid carpet with a direct relation to the Ardabil.

5-The Stora Carpet-Keir Collection

An article on the Pazyryk carpet was de rigeur,and Turkmen buffs will be intrigued by the following: "Imrali is the name of a small island…used as a penal settlement.The inmates of the Imrali prison produce rugs which are signed with the name of the island"With interviews and scholarly articles,it really deserved to succeed.Perhaps it was somewhat premature?

Ten years later Hali was launched,and a new era began.

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