Thursday 13 December 2012

An Eagle Group Chuval

Over at Rapistan Review,George Gilmore reports the discovery of an Eagle Group Choval at an outoftheway Auction House in Radford Virginia,the appropriately named Ken Farmer Auctions.

Gilmore Chronicles

A good foto is unavailable at this time,but the piece ended up selling for $8050.

1-Ken Farmer Auctions 30 September 2012-lot 301

At least 12 other examples are known.The ornate Elem is the chief characteristic.In the above form it is more typical of the design on the Eagle Group Torbas with Palmette design,of which five pieces have been published

2-Werner Loges

The more standard design is a row of distinctly bird-like bouquets

3-Elmby III-16

In another variation one can almost hear the flattering of wings

4-Sienknecht Collection

Not all the group members would attract much attention without their flashing skirts,appearing then as rather humdrum Yomut Chuvals.

Available technical information on the Eagle Group 9er Chovals:

Persian knotted to the right:The Baker,Sienknecht,Smith,Wiedersperg and NERS pieces.

Turkish Knotted: Elmby III-16 and the Farmer piece.

No Info available: Edelman 1981,Elmby V-24,Frauenknecht,Pinner Sale 79,RB 47-25,Newman Collection.

A Group Portrait can be viewed HERE

This compendium is doubtless incomplete.The author would be grateful for reproductions of further pieces,and the missing technical info.A complete rundown on this Group is planned for next year.

5-New England Rug Society

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