Thursday 20 March 2014

A group of 18th Century Caucasian Lotus-Palmette Carpets

This post was triggered by David Sorgato`s publication on Facebook,19th March 2014,of a carpet once in the possession of John Eskenazi, advertised in Hali 6,Nr 3,page 47.The carpet had previously appeared at Sothebys Islamic sale on 13 October 1982(Lot 51).

1-Eskenazi-Hali  1984

A similar carpet is in the Keir Collection(Spuhler 1978) A further fragment may be from  one of the two pieces and was published in a Carpet Exhibition in Delft(Het Prinsenhof) in 1949.It later entered the Collection of Jan Timmerman,who is seen displaying it here.

2-Keir Collection 57

3-Delft 1949

4-Jan Timmerman

A further fragment was offered at the AAA Sale of 8 January 1932(55)

5-AAA 1932

A later solitary survivor was once in the James Burns Collection.The split arabesque forks have developed into the birds seen on later 19th century Caucasian rugs(for instance,in the “Karagashli” group)


The group is a sidestep from the main group of Avshan-Harshang design carpets,lacking in medallion forms.The Keir carpet,and presumably the Sorgato-Timmerman pieces are on a cotton warp with red(?)woolen wefts,biasing them geographically toward NW Persia. On the whole the designs were developed in 16th century Persia,with the “Red Ground Floral(RGF) Carpets”

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