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The Holbein-Lotto Family,IV:The Lotto Carpets,Anatolian Style.

The Lotto carpets will also be dealt with by border type,after the presently accepted arrangement into three groups:the Anatolian,the Kilim,and the Ornamented style.The grouping was first formulated by G.G Ellis,and although some criticism has been vented from various quarters(mainly due to the terminology)the division is valid.The term "Kilim Style",incidentally,was coined by May Beattie.

227-Hali 3-4-280

228-Anatolian-Kilim-Ornamented Styles

The Anatolian Style.

Kufi Borders.

"A" Type Border("Chainlink")There is no record here of this border,which occurs on 19 Holbein carpets.This is strange,as the Anatolian Style Lotto group has usually been considered the oldest,following on or even contemporary with the SPH borders.

B Type Border("-Chainlink")
229-ATT 5-26

The above sold for $29,955 and was later published by Eberhart Herrmann in ATT 5(plate 26)

Followed by a very smart piece in the Cincinnati Museum of Art

230-Hali 64-134

C Type Border ("Haring")

A relaxed weaving from the Bardini Museum

231-Bardini 13

232-Berlin,Hali 42(30)

The above,formerly in the Bode Collection,seems never to have been published in colour and was destroyed in the last war.

A crisp and spacious example in the MET(08.167.1)from James Ballard

233-Ballard,St Louis,1935-XXI

A pretty fragment in the Ethnographic Museum Munich

234-Volkerkunde Museum Munich

The Williamsburg carpet has "wrong"minor guards


236-MAD Paris,Hali 3-4-276(1)

The above seems not to have been published in colour

Below a carpet exhibited in Cleveland in 1920 from the McIlhenny Collection

237-McIlhenny,Cleveland 1920-XVI

238-Philadelphia 6

239-Philadelphia 8

Philadelphia 6 and 8 are quite similar,probably the same workshop.

Philadelphia 7 has the alternative version of this border with horizontal volutes

240-Philadelphia 7
Another champion from the Victoria & Albert Museum London


Very well planned from the Wher Collection

242-Hali 3-4-282

From the James Lucas Collection,the following sold on 14 December 2001(lot 48) for $159,750,now with Moshe Tabibnia

243-Sothebys 14 December 2001(48)

David Sorgato`s piece was published by Gigi Pagnano and exhibited at the Hali Fair in 1998

244-David Sorgato-Hali fair 1998

A previously unknown piece in the Thyssen-Boremisza Collection

245-Thyssen-Spuhler 1

A piece published by the French dealer Roger Bechirian
246-Bechirian 247

From the ill-fated Ojjeh Collection via Eskenazi to Chris Alexander

247-Gantzhorn 409

Three fragments from the same carpet(note that the connecting line in the border runs around the outside on all three pieces)
248-McMullan 71

249-Boston Bulletin
250-Keir Collection 17

251-Munich ICOC Catalogue 2-6

252-Sothebys 5 April 2006-57

253-Keir Collection 16

D Type Border("X-Box")

The Viale carpet is from the Poglighi Collection in Varese

254-Viale 1952-155
Another Ballard rug which has not been published in colour

255-Ballard Dimand-20

The carpet offered at Sothebys in 1978 is a pretty thing,if genuine

256-Sothebys 29 March 1978(91)

Whereas the Williamsburg carpet is presumably a fake


Philadelphia 11 stumped C.G Ellis.It is a low-quality heavily restored old rug.

258-Philadelphia 11

The last piece is a splendid example,best of a weak group,with a mixture of yellow and red ground borders

259-V&A Hali 24-355

E Type Border("4 Arrows")

260-no access info

261-RB 45-48

262-Dumas Collection MET 2009.458.6

263-Sanpetru-Ionescu 232

264-Schürmann 1976-57

Finally, a fragment completed by the arch-forger Tuduc.The lower left-hand corner is original(see the black spots)A demonstration of Tuduc`s skill,although the yellow in the restored areas seems too dark.


Following the C-Type "Haring" border,the most frequently used border device is that with cartouche-medallions.These are either fully displayed,or are lopped off,disappearing under the main field.

Large Lotto carpets with medallion border.

The Textile Museum piece is nearly 8 metres in length

266-Mackie,Splendour of Turkish weaving(30)

267-TM-Mackie IV

268-TM Journal 1-1

269-Ex Kelekian-Art Institute of Chicago

270-Art Institute of Chicago-Dimand Mailey 159

A carpet from Bausback which later passsed to Hannes Bosch

271-Hali 75-49
From the dealer Berberyan via Roger Bechirian

272-Berberyan-Bechirian 249

The following sold at Picards on 19 September 1993 for $34,780

273-Halevim-Hali 5-3-3

Published in 1945 by Michele Campana from a private collection in Varese

274-Campana 1945-73

A carpet in the possession of Lord Buccleuch,perhaps since the 16th century,and which may have spawned the European models in the Duke`s collection.Has been shortened.

275-Duke of Buccleuch,Hali 66(105)

Flat and boring in a foto,but the closeup tells a different tale.The Bargello carpet measures 2.60 x 5.15

276-Bargello Museum-Pagnano 10

277-Bargello-Eiland,2008,page 13

A piece from Divrigi with a rare border variant

278-Vakflar Carpets-51
The carpet sold at Lefevre for 24,000 pounds  eventually entered the MET via the Seley Collection,and is in very good original condition

279-Lefevre November 1977

280-Seley Collection,MET

A carpet from the Wulf Collection,sold at Sothebys on 10 January 1979,was purchased from Stefano Bardini


281-Sothebys 10 January 1979-Lot 21

A carpet in the Islamic Museum Cairo has yet be investigated

282-Islamic Museum Cairo
The following sold for $50,050

283-Sothebys 2 May 2001(lot 70)

Small Lotto carpets with Medallion Borders.

Interestingly this group comprises rugs woven only in the "lateral"form.
The majority have a border with half-medallions between the cartouches.

One of the few Lottos still left in Turkey

284-TIEM Ertug 1

From the Dirksen sale of 1931

285-Dirksen Sale 1931-523

From the Bernheimer sale of 1996,with lazy lines.Sold for 9775 pounds

286-Christies 14 February 1996-87

A piece offered at Christies on 5 May 1977(61)

287-Christies 1977

The following sold for 24,000 pounds sterling

288-Christies April 2007-48

289-Wulff Collection 8

An interesting example sold at Lefevre`s for 10,000 pounds.With a rare yellow border(but not the yellow of the field)

290-Lefevre April 1979

291-Bausback,75 Years(33)

292-McMullan 73
The following two pieces presumably from the same Atelier

293-Philadelphia 12

294-Sothebys October 1985-647
The above sold for $14,058

The following fragment reached 2000 D-Mark at Nagels in 1990

295-Nagels 13 October 1990-248
From the Church of Sion in Switzerland

296-Hali 27-38

A piece sold at Sothebys New York on 23 November 1985(1) for $7,975,and which subsequently entered the Trefoil Collection

297-Trefoil,Sothebys  11 November 1985-1

Medallion border fragments.

Two pieces from the same carpet,the first published by Eskenazi in 1982,with exceptional draughtsmanship

298-Eskenazi 1982-8

The second exhibited in Vienna in 1986 and sold at Christies in 1999 for 4025 pounds sterling

299-Christies October 14 1999-139

A fragment from a large carpet published by Roberto Calatchi

300-Calatchi 61

Two fragments from the Keir Collection.A trace of border can be seen on the upper right hand corner of 19

301-Keir Collection 19

302-Keir Collection 18

A piece in the Budapest Musem with yellow-ground border

303-Batari 8

A fragment offered by Nagels on 19 November 1994(1107)for 1500 D-Mark

304-Nagels 23-1107

Two fragments published by Walter Denny are very similar;the second more compressed

305-Textile Museum-Denny 24

306-Wolf Collection-Denny 25

Offered at Finarte`s in Milan on 3 March 1989 for 7-8 million Lira

307-Finarte 1989
A last fragment from a Budapest Collection
308-Budapest,Ledacs 1977-25

Another group have a cut medallion design,usually halved,but sometimes 2/3rds of the design is visible.
(15 items)These rank amongst the best Lotto examples.

A beautiful carpet showed up at the Antiques roadshow in 2012 where it was appraised by James Ffrench

309-Antiques Roadshow 2012

Highly praised by Hali,the following was auctioned at Finarte on 31 March 1992 for $48,760(Hali 63-page 140)

310-Finarte 31 March 1992(43)

An example from the Bardini Museum


From the Jacquemart-Andre Museum in Paris

312-Arabeschi 14

Another Williamsburg rug with a Beshir Galleries,New York,provenance

313-Lanier 19
Three carpets feature the 2/3rds medallion border.

The first was published in the first Munich ICOC Catalogue,and later was with Peter Bausback,the so-called Cattowitz carpet

314-Cattowitz-Bausback,Hali 107-49

A second fragment was with Meschouliam


And the third example was published in Sarre-Trenkwald from the MAK in Vienna

316-Sarre-Trenkwald 1-55

The following first sold at Lefevre  on 6 October 1978(43)for 27,000 pounds Sterling.This entered the Aita Collection and was subsequently re-auctioned on 18 October 2001 at Christies London for $133,040.Last seen with Moshe Tabibnia.See Hali APG 120-126.

317-Milestones 6

The following once in the possession of Franz Sailer went unsold at his sale on October 1 1998(44)in New York,against an estimate of $200-250,00.Later with Tabibnia in Milan

318-Tabibnia Hali 113(63)

And finally a severly damaged piece offered at Finarte`s,Milan in 1995

319-Finarte 4 November 1995(115)

The following was at Nagels in 1978(Auction 273-172;sale price 5000 D Mark)and then again on 13 October 1990,where it failed to sell against an estimate of 6500 D-Mark;from the Collection of a well-known Museum director(?),restored in the Dahlem Museum with typical red backing;reappeared again at Lempertz on 20 November 2008

320-Nagels 13 October 1990

Cloudband Borders(11items)C.G Ellis likened the border forms to "octopii"

Some of these carpets are very large.The following measures  696 x 326 cms.From the Piyale Pasha Mosque Istanbul

321-TIEM-Ertug 48

Yves Mikaeloff`s piece was offered at his sale by Christies on 21 May 1997(165)for $12-18,000

322-Mikaelov-Hali 54-1

From the Philadelphia Museum,reduced in length

323-Philadelphia 9

The second large piece from Philadelphia.Ellis opined that it might be a 19th century re-make

324-Philadelphia 10

The following sold in Milan for $ 15,460.Previously at Manzoni`s on 28 April 1983(140)

325-Finarte 19 April 1997(108)

Most of the smaller Lotto carpets with cloudband border have a lateral format

326-Schmutzler 20

A carpet once with Alex Juran and later with Franz Sailer

327-Hali 50(79)

A piece sold at Nagels on 14 October 1991(1081) for 9500 D-Mark.Later with David Sorgato in Milan

328-Hali 90(61)

329-Ionescu 23

The above from the Bartholemew Church in Brasov

A fragment sold at Sothebys on 14 October 1998(51) for 12,650 pounds,in an Asymmetrical form

330-Sothebys 1998

Finishing this section with some exquisite fragments from the Purrmann Collection


Meander Flower-Leaf border.

With a little imagination this becomes the "crab-flower"border in 19th century Kazaks.

All examples are laterally arranged.

From the Church at Rupea

332-Rupea-Ionescu 20

Via the Chevalier Brothers in Paris(see Hali 84-149)

333-Chevalier 6

A fragment published by Ionescu from the Brukenthal Museum,like the others here with a blue-ground border

334-Ionescu,Anatolian Carpets...48b

Sold for 10,000 D-Mark at Nagels on 9 May 1997(117)

335-Nagel 28-117

An example published by Gantzhorn is in the Detroit Institute of Arts(70.926)Very stiff and with "wrong" blue accentuations in the field


A number of fragments with the Meander Flower-Leaf border have survived


338-Ethnographic Museum Munich

A rug advertised by Peter Pap could be considered a fragment

339-Peter Pap


A fragment at the Jon Thompson sale went for $3000

341-Thompson sale Sothebys 16.12.1993(72)72

Other Meander borders.

A very rare border,recorded six times on Lotto carpets here,is the so-called "Gothic-Meander",which survived into 19th century Melas carpets.

The following published by General Dirik,said to heve been in Izmir


The following sold for $28,180,although heavily repaired

343-Christies 2 October 2012

Sold at Lefevre`s London on 28 November 1975(28) for 7,400 pounds Sterling

344-Lefevre 28 November 1975-28

A  wild border variation in vernacular style

345-TIEM-ICOC Catalogue 2-26

A damaged but interesting rug offered at Sothebys on 27 February 2001(40)

346-Sothebys 2001

A well-known carpet from the church of Harman,published in Tapis Turc

347-Tapis Turc 3

A border fragment from David Sorgato

348-David Sorgato

The following three carpets all share the same border.Only the Bardini rug can be vouched for

349-Bardini-Hali 105-97

A piece offered at the German auction house Ketterer

350-Ketterer 16 October 1987-298

351-Koller 14 March 1987-1809
The above sold for $16,286.The Hali APG(Hali 35-79)seems to refer to another rug.

A carpet once with Albert Boralevi has a related border

352-Boralevi 13
A very beautiful rug in Brasov

353-Brasov-Ionescu 16

And two related examples in a very crisp style

The first from the Johanneum Museum in Graz

354-Vienna 5

The second from the V&A holdings

355-V&A-Wearden 115

Three pieces have a simplified Meander with large potato-stamp flowers

356-Alexander Collection 245

357-Sibiu-Ionescu 21

358-Stanley Reed 47

The "Scholtz Group" consists of three carpets in runner format and simplified field.The narrow size has been attributed fancifully to their use as stair-covering for a Minbar.Their format confirms the adage that "one size fits all"

The eponymous Scholtz rug was sold at Christies New York  on 8 December 2008 for $20,000.It had previously been on an exhibition tour.

359-Scholtz Collection Hali 88(108)

The LA Mayer carpet was at Lefevre`s in 1976 where it sold for 3000 pounds.It has been shortened but the width is original.The Scholtz rug has 3.5 design units,and has been reduced in length.The Sothebys carpet  had 4.5 and counting.

360-LA Mayer Museum 6

361-Sothebys April 1983-122

Other Borders.

362-Brasov-Ionescu 22

An example published by Herrmann with a well-drawn ragged palmette border

363-Herrmann,SOT V-2

The extraordinary  Berlin carpet with substration and diagonal colour flow,plus a Bardini-type border

364-Berlin,Hali 42-29

A carpet with a border which survived into the 19th century on the Type A Star Kazaks

365-Textile Gallery London-Hali 61-125

A carpet from the Bistritz depot with a border adapted from the whiteground Selendi carpets

366-Nürnberg-Hali 172(37)

Two carpets employ a leaf and calyx border.The first seems genuinely old,from the Church in Harman,Transylvania

367-Ionescu 51
The second carpet was offered at Skinners on 3 June 1986,for $3000-5000,and described as late 18th/early 19th century,with an old rewoven border


Finally,a carpet published by Alberto Levi,severly reconfigured with perhaps a large horizontal width sewn onto vertically running borders.Nevertheless an old piece with a variant on the C Type "Haring" border

369-Boralevi 12

A number of field fragments in the Anatolian style round off this section

370-Bonhams 10 August 2008-117
The above went to Italy via Owen Parry

The second of the Bernheimer chairs,not quite so Papal

372-Sothebys 20 September 2006-2(ex Bernheimer)

373-Alberto Boralevi

374-Clive Rogers

A fragment sold at Sothebys on 20 April 1983 for 1,045 pounds Sterling

375-Sothebys,Hali 5-4-534

A piece at the Sylvester sale sold well for 2040 pounds Sterling

376-David Sylvester Sale -26 February 2002(91)

377-Christie 2 October 2012-154

The above sold for a buoyant $60,000(see Hali 174-106)

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