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Heriz Carpet Catalogue,Volume III:Silk Rugs

A group of silk rugs with Turkish knot and cotton structure have been ascribed to Heriz,although there is no proof of origin.Some writers believe they were woven in Tabriz,although the classic Tabriz silk rug is a more stereotyped production.Some of the Heriz silk rugs are on an all-silk basis,with inwoven metal thread,such as the Herrmann-Burns medallion carpet.In general the group is characterised by a whimsical expressiveness.A few atelier rugs have survived with prayer rugs interpreting the Tabriz column prayer rugs,themselves a pastiche of the Ghiordes carpets so popular amongst collectors around 1900.There is a considerable group of pictorial rugs depicting trees,figures,animals and Divs in all combinations.Some typical features also occur on Heriz woolen rugs,such as medallion carpets with corner appendages.However a carpet with the “Classic” Heriz medallion has not yet surfaced,although two rugs with”flayed-skin” Bakshayesh medallion have been recorded.

The aforementioned Herrmann Burns rug is an outstanding product,dated three times(1798/1801/1822)It is signed with the name of Maqsud of Keshan,of Ardabil carpet fame.Why,is not clear.

185 Silk Heriz-Allover Repeat pattern

186 Silk Heriz-Arabesque,Fork Leaf Field

187 Silk Heriz,Spiralranken

188 Silk Heriz,Spiralranken and Palmette

189 Silk Heriz,Thick Bands

190 Silk Heriz-Baroque

191 Silk Heriz-Garden Design

192 Silk Heriz,Vase Design

with J.P Willborg,advert Hali 104,1999

Sothebys 15 October 1986,lot 383

193 Silk Heriz,Double-Sided

194 Silk Heriz,Lattice

195 Silk Heriz,Shrub Lattice

196 Silk Heriz,Medallion Design with Corner Appendages

198 Silk Heriz,Medallion with Arabesque Field

199 Silk Heriz,Medallion with Boteh border

200 Silk Heriz,Medallion Herrmann-Burns Style

201 Silk Heriz,Medallion with Calligraphy

202 Silk Heriz,Medallion with Cloudbands

203 Silk Heriz,Medallion with Cross

204 Silk Heriz,Medallion with Dragon Boteh

205 Silk Heriz,Ferahan Solar Medallion Design

206 Silk Heriz,Medallion with Floral Field

207 Silk Heriz,Medallion with Fork Leaf Field

208 Silk Heriz,Medallion in Keshan Style

209 Silk Heriz,Multi-Medallions

210 Silk Heriz,Medallion with Persian Crown Design

211 Silk Heriz,Medallion on Plain Field

212 Silk Heriz,Medallion with Sickle-Leaf

213 Silk Heriz,Other Medallions

214 Silk Heriz with Palmettes

215 Silk Heriz with Panels

216 Silk Heriz with Pictorial Elements

217 Silk Heriz with Architecture

218 Silk Heriz with Divs

219 Silk Heriz with Figures

220 Silk Heriz,Portieres

221 Silk Heriz Prayer Rugs with Arabesque Field

222 Silk Heriz Prayer rugs,Ghiordes Type,2 Columns,Red Ground

223 Silk Heriz Prayer rugs,Ghiordes Type,2 Columns,White Ground

224 Silk Heriz Prayer rugs,Ghiordes Type,2 Columns,Others

225 Silk Heriz Prayer rugs,Ghiordes Type,3 Columns

226 Silk Heriz Prayer rugs,Ghiordes Type,4 Columns

227 Silk Heriz Prayer rugs,Ghiordes Type,Double Columns

228 Silk Heriz prayer Rug in Kalamkar Style

229 Silk Heriz Prayer Rugs with Inscription

230 Silk Heriz Prayer Safs

231 Silk Heriz Prayer Rugs with Tree Design and Animals

232 Silk Heriz Prayer Rugs with Tree Design,Animals and Divs

233 Silk Heriz Prayer Rugs with Tree Design,Animals and Figures

234 Silk Heriz Prayer Rugs with Tree Design,Divs and Sun-Lions

235 Silk Heriz Prayer Rugs with Tree and Column

236 Silk Heriz Prayer Rugs with Vaq-Vaq

237 Silk Heriz Prayer Rugs with Tree,Others

238 Silk Heriz Prayer Rugs with Vase

239 Silk Heriz Prayer Rugs with Lions

240 Silk Heriz Prayer Rugs,Others

241 Silk Bakshaish Rugs

242 Silk Heriz Rugs with Tree Design and Animals

243 Silk Heriz Rugs with Tree Design and Divs

244 Silk Heriz Rugs with Tree Design,Animals,Figures,Landscape

245 Silk Heriz Rugs with Tree Design and Foliage

246 Silk Heriz Rugs with Tree Design and Vaq-Vaq

247 Silk Heriz Rugs with Vase

248 Silk Heriz Rugs,Other Designs

249 Closeups

250 Interiors

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