Sunday 25 March 2012

It`s a Pinwheel,Carlo

A call for information shall not go unanswered.Carlo Kocman`s interesting rug is a member of a small group of prayer rugs whose design is based on the "Swastika" or "Pinwheel" kazak.The pinwheel group is a large pack of rugs which can be divided into two stacks:those with minor ornaments in the field,and those without.

1-Bausback 1983-41

2-Edelman 25.4.1981-187
The ornamented type is more common.A standard medallion -and-hooks border is shared between both groups,and there are a few border variations.Otherwise they are interchangeable,and standards of excellence rely purely on harmony and proportion.Most classic types of 19th century caucasian rugs are available in a prayer format,although a Star Kazak version has yet to be sighted.There are two types of Pinwheel prayer rugs.In the first,the original form with its ramshorn curling leaf and sloping beams is still clearly derived from the original main carpets;in the second group the beams have disappeared,and the swastika forms have been condensed into isolated free standing figures-this is the "plinth-ing"common in late 19th century Caucasian rugs.

Group A:

3-Nagels 9.10.1976-224

Writing about this in 1981,Ian Bennett could not remember having seen another similar example.Optimistically dated 1122.

4-Bukowski Zurich

A last piece with the original form was published by George Gilmore:

5-Hali 53-186

Group B:
6-Teppich Engelhardt-now Ralph Kaffel

The most enigmatic of all.Kaffel rightly remarks that the ornaments have been borrowed from Borchalou carpets,not Fachralo(the two are often confused)Dated 1829.

7-Kendrick & Tattersall nr.138

The first publication of such a piece(1922)

8-Christies October 1993-441

The third piece with this border.

9-Bausback 1978-177
The Bausback piece is similar to the Kocman.
10-The Kocman rug

The swastikas are in this author`s opinion a faint reminiscence of the original dragon forms seen on 17th century Caucasian carpets.

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