Friday, 20 April 2012

Rabbit of The Week

The award undoubtedly goes to Kenneth Hayes.

The Sarkisla group of East Anatolian rugs can be divided into 3 Groups,with some outliers.

Group 1 has a design consisting of two rows of large lozenge guls,representing the except from an endless  repeat.
1-The Hayes example


2-Lefevre 1978- Brüggeman-Böhmer 91-Rippon Boswell 29.5.2010

3-Through the Collector`s Eye 12

4-Grogans 1.09-74

5-RB 34-24(afterwards at Galerie Sailer)
6-Sothebys 10.97-44
7-Craig Wallen
8-Musee Sursock
9-Ballard St.Louis
10-Dresden,Museum of Ethnology

Group 2 carpets  multi-gul with a distinct flatweave influence.The border derives from the Holbein carpet found at Beyşehir by R.M Riefstahl.

11-after Ganzhorn
12-Rippon Boswell 54-160

13-Sothebys Castle Howard 11-91-347

14-Hali 4-4-372
15-Hali 112-81 Tabibnia(formerly Herrmann SOT 8-11)
16-Hali 117-69 Tabibnia

17-Washington ICOC 264 Dixon Collection
18-Battenburg 167(G.Muse)
19-Orient Stars 214(formerly Sailer)
  A 3rd group in the kilim style comprises 4 examples.
20-Eskenazi 65
Hali 58-35-Kirdok
22- Textile Museum Hali 153-139
23-Hali 3--2-115-7
Two outstanding pieces are the Vakiflar carpet and the Lucas fragment.
24-Vakiflar 68
25-Sothebys 14.12.2001-Lucas Collection-Ronnie Newman
And finally an assortment of pieces which didn`t quite make it into these groups.

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