Saturday 20 October 2012

New Masters of Tekke

Interesting items show up sometimes at Neumeister`s in Munich.Such was the case on the 17 October 2012 when a rare Turkmen torba was offered for sale

1-Neumeisters 518

Described in the catalogue as a "tschowal"this torba was in all likelihood Tekke work,with a Persian knot open to the right,and a typical Tekke back and weave.The weavers had miscalculated the göl ratio,and were obliged to foreshorten the torba towards the top.This was particularly disturbing in person,and the sordid condition( deliberately dirtied up)did not enhance the rugs` appeal.Nevertheless,starting from a 200 euro estimate,it peaked at 2800 euro.Perhaps a good wash will improve its appearance.

A similar item was once offered by Hans Elmby

2-Elmby IV-58

Elmby was at a loss to ascribe it,settling for Kizilayak.However the border does occur sometimes in Tekke work

3-Nagels 27.3.12-Lot 21

The above example from the Loges Collection is a good example of Turkmen "true grit"

The border has been sighted on some members of the "Eagle" Group

4-Michael Franses
9- Göl Tekke Torbas with the usual 6-Göl version are rare,but at least 11 are known

5-Private Collection Germany

6-Rippon Boswell 26.11.11-21

 Why so few were made is anyone`s guess.Perhaps because the Tekke tried everything?Whatever.

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