Sunday 21 October 2012

"Rug Forgeries"in Berlin

Jozan asks :


The answer is the one on the left

2-Tuduc-Ionescu page 83

Complete with areas of noble rot,this was an excellent choice, as the original,once in the Keszler Collection,has been missing since 1925.

3-Tapis Turcs 24

As often Tuduc altered the copy by darkening the main border,thus avoiding the accusation of an outright plagiary.Unfortunately this upsets the colour balance as a whole.

Whilst in Berlin,perhaps Mr.Ionescu could be persuaded to look into the matter of the Polak Carpet,whose dubious Chronogram and overbearing stiffness make it a prime candidate

4-The Polak Carpet,Berlin,dated 1610

The above was probably copied by Armenian craftsman in Istanbul,in the late 19th Century,from a fragment in the TIEM,which had been brought to the museum from the Sultan Ahmet Mosque.Discussing the group in Hali 4/1,page 39, Pinner & Franses confuse the two pieces.

A thorough dye analysis would set matters straight.


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