Wednesday, 9 May 2012

eBay Chinese mat

Although badly mutilated,this mat was offered by the Belgian dealer vasudara for a moderate price and was duly snapped up.
Other known examples include:

2-Rippon Boswell 58-103
3-Sotheby`s 5.4.2006-104
4-Auktionshaus Dr.Hüll 30.10.09-59
5-ARTS Capri Motel 2010
The design is just slightly more common on carpets.
6-E.Herrmann ATT 3-74
7-Sandra Whitman-Hali 110-149
8-Christies 4.10.11-151
9-Battilossi,Köln Nr.58
The above was also published by Michael Franses in Hali 124.He published a further example in the Orientations Magazine:
10-Orientations 5-04-82
And finally there are two circular carpets with this design:
11-Beijing Palace Museum Catalogue 252
12-Christie`s,published Hali 126-129
More discussions can be found in the Köln catalogue,"Glanz Der Himmelssöhne"nr 58,and in Hali 125-130.
The reversing arrow motif makes an early appearance in Konya 6,one of the smaller seljuk fragments,and can be often found,as Tom Cole pointed out,in 19th century Baluch carpet borders.
13-Konya 6
14-Köln 58

Monday, 7 May 2012

eBay Turkmen Shootout

Described as a chuval fragment,but actually a piece of main carpet,this splendid artefact sold  May 6 2012 on ebay for a well-deserved 960 dollars.(eBay nr: 270965945969)

Main carpets with the torba gul and chemche secondary are uncommon.The pattern is basically that of the six-gul "Smith " torba group,characterised by the addition of lateral hooks to the major and minor guls.
2-Smith group tekke torba

In this case the hooks are missing from the major,which is somewhat flattened,but the fragment is replete with ultra-desirable Tekke-green.An ancient chalk-stained back,which probably no amount of washing will remove,would seem to place this in the 18th century.

And judging by the closeups,it is at least partially Turkish-knotted,which of course is impossible? 

Perhaps its new owner can shed some light on this.

The other carpets of this design group:

5-David Sorgato
6-Udo Langauer
7-E.Herrmann SOT 5-80

8-Sothebys 13.12.2007

The last piece from Sotheby`s seems to be the nicest and oldest. 5 x 10 is almost always preferable to 6 x 12.The eBay fragment is a strange thing,hopefully not Kordi,but that is unlikely.In which case it is probably Yomut.Good luck to the buyer.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Carpets in the Albert Hall Museum Jaipur

Many years ago Franz Sindermann mapped the extant carpets on display at Jaipur`s Albert Hall Museum.They are reproduced here for those who have acquired the new catalogue,reviewed by Steven Cohen in the latest Hali(Hali 171,page 62),and for all other interested parties.The  notes are exemplary in every way.




6-Beautiful old Albert Hall Museum,Jaipur

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sarkislar postscript

Nr 10 in our tally,this piece will be offered on 19 May 2012 at Rippon Boswell,Wiesbaden,lot Nr184.(See"Rabbit of the week"-20.04.2012)
1-Collection Brian Morehouse

Plus a fragment from Alberto Levi`s website,from his show"As Found"

Friday, 20 April 2012

Rabbit of The Week

The award undoubtedly goes to Kenneth Hayes.

The Sarkisla group of East Anatolian rugs can be divided into 3 Groups,with some outliers.

Group 1 has a design consisting of two rows of large lozenge guls,representing the except from an endless  repeat.
1-The Hayes example


2-Lefevre 1978- Brüggeman-Böhmer 91-Rippon Boswell 29.5.2010

3-Through the Collector`s Eye 12

4-Grogans 1.09-74

5-RB 34-24(afterwards at Galerie Sailer)
6-Sothebys 10.97-44
7-Craig Wallen
8-Musee Sursock
9-Ballard St.Louis
10-Dresden,Museum of Ethnology

Group 2 carpets  multi-gul with a distinct flatweave influence.The border derives from the Holbein carpet found at Beyşehir by R.M Riefstahl.

11-after Ganzhorn
12-Rippon Boswell 54-160

13-Sothebys Castle Howard 11-91-347

14-Hali 4-4-372
15-Hali 112-81 Tabibnia(formerly Herrmann SOT 8-11)
16-Hali 117-69 Tabibnia

17-Washington ICOC 264 Dixon Collection
18-Battenburg 167(G.Muse)
19-Orient Stars 214(formerly Sailer)
  A 3rd group in the kilim style comprises 4 examples.
20-Eskenazi 65
Hali 58-35-Kirdok
22- Textile Museum Hali 153-139
23-Hali 3--2-115-7
Two outstanding pieces are the Vakiflar carpet and the Lucas fragment.
24-Vakiflar 68
25-Sothebys 14.12.2001-Lucas Collection-Ronnie Newman
And finally an assortment of pieces which didn`t quite make it into these groups.